How to Keep Your Children Safe at Home: A Simple Guide

by Mother Huddle Staff

As parents, our greatest goal is to keep our kids safe and make sure they grow up with good opportunities. It can be difficult when you’re trying to figure out what you should do to keep your children safe.

There are a lot of things that play into child safety, but where do parents start? The best place to start is at home and we are here to help. Continue reading this article to learn the best things you can do to increase child safety at home.

Guard the Stairs

Too many children are injured on the stairs—even when parents are watching. It just takes a few minutes to lose your footing and before you know it, you’re dealing with a hospital visit with a very unhappy child.

Depending on how bad the fall was, it could be pretty serious. Putting guards at the top and bottom of the stairs will keep little ones from trying to make their way to areas they aren’t supposed to be.

Don’t Cut Corners

We know you wouldn’t cut corners, but we thought this would get your attention. One of the ways to keep your toddler safe is by putting guards on your corners. This is especially important if the edges aren’t rounded.

Plenty of children get used to being small enough to run under the counter—until one day they can’t and they find out the hard way.

Secure Entertainment Systems and Appliances

It’s easy to forget how much you liked to climb as a child. The moment you turn your head and least expect it, they are going to dart over to the entertainment center, a dresser, or basically anything else and see how high up they can get.

Securing your furniture and appliances will keep anything from falling on and hurting your child. You can usually figure out how to do this through watching instruction videos, or you could even find a handyman to help you out if you don’t want to deal with it.

Keep Your Medicine Out of Reach of Children

Despite the fact that your child might know that they shouldn’t touch your medicine, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to do it. Children are curious and the younger your child is—they might not even understand it’s not a good thing.

If your medicine cabinet is where your child can reach it, consider putting your medicine in a high cabinet in the kitchen with a cable tie around it that requires a lock and key.

Doing Your Best to Keep Your Children Safe

Now you have some simple tips for how to keep your children safe when they’re at home. Often we forget about the dangers inside our home because we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe when they are out in the world.

Using these tips will help you feel confident that you’re doing your job as a parent.

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