How to Make Your Gel Nails Last Longer

by Mother Huddle Staff
How to Make Your Gel Nails Last Longer

These days, glamorous and attractive nails do not have to mean plastic-feeling, damaging, and too-tight extensions are glued to your fingernails for weeks on end.

Instead, gel nail varnish is a much healthier and kinder alternative, and whether you already have freshly painted gel nails ready for an upcoming social event, or are merely considering a manicure, then this article is for you.

Here is how to make your gel nails last longer.

Avoid Hot Water for Three Hours Afterwards

Perhaps the simplest tip to remember in order to protect your new gel manicure is, in order to avoid any lifting as the gel sets firmly to your own natural fingernails, to avoid taking a hot bath, shower or even washing up in hot water for at least three hours afterwards.

Not only will immediately immersing your fingers into boiling or even hot water risk lifting the surface of your new polish, but in general, exposing your skin to too-hot water on a regular basis could also have the following negative effects:

  • Dry, peeling and irritated skin on your hands
  • A reduction in energy and a feeling of lethargy
  • A risk of fainting and light-headedness

Invest in Products the Professionals Use

Another excellent preservation technique is to treat yourself to some professionally endorsed products, including powders and lotions, to regularly apply to your fingernails every morning.

iGel Beauty is the one-stop shop for every tool a professional nail technician needs to provide their clients with the strongest and most attractive set of gel nails. If you regularly enjoy a gel manicure, why not invest in these products to keep at home?

Your Nails Are Not Tools!

One of the more frustrating regular occurrences that professional nail technicians experience is when their regular clients return to complain that the tips of their extensions have snapped or split and that they have no idea why this has happened.

Obviously, a high-quality gel manicure will last a couple of weeks or more in perfect condition. Still, if you are constantly using your nails as if they are tools, for example, opening cans of soda with the tips or breaking apart two items stuck together, then they are definitely not going to last as long.

Remember to Use Nail Oil Every Day

Cuticle oil, alternatively referred to as nail oil, is by far the manicure equivalent of liquid gold and just a few drops each day, massaged into the fingertip where the cuticle meets the skin, can make a huge difference to the longevity of a gel manicure.

Not only does cuticle oil, often supplied to you by the nail technician themselves, will help to protect both the gel polish itself, as well as the fingernails and skin around your nails, but will also serve to boost the growth of your nails and also increase circulation in and around the fingers.

In addition, cuticle oil will also add a glow and a shine to your new manicure!

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