How to Organize Jewelry: 5 Simple Tips for Neatly Kept Jewelry

by Mother Huddle Staff

Everyone loves to dress up an outfit with some sparkly or colorful jewelry, but storing it is a challenge. From tangled necklace chains to missing earrings, keeping jewelry organized is a daily hassle.

Knowing how to organize jewelry will save your sanity and help you keep track of your inventory. Keep reading to learn 5 simple tips to keep your bling in order!

1) How To Organize Jewelry With Trinket Dishes

Trinket dishes are one of the easiest ways to keep your jewelry sorted. Better yet, if you collect a variety of these small trays you can add a punch of vintage pattern and modern design to any dresser or vanity. 

Visit a garage sale or look online for secondhand dishes. Trinket dishes work best for earrings and bracelets, and you’ll always be able to see your collection. They are perfect if you’re eager for a quick solution!

2) Grab an Ice Cube Tray

Did you think that your freezer would be the source of a jewelry organization solution? It turns out that ice cube trays offer quick and easy compartmentalization.

When you’re not sure what to do to organize your favorite necklaces, placing each one in a different ice cube mold offers a no-frills, inexpensive, and effective answer.

3) Display Your Best Jewelry As Art

Jewelry display can look artistic, too! You can purchase or find beautiful pieces of wood and use them as wall hangars for necklaces. Wall-mounted jewelry organization is easy to use and adds some artistic flair to any wall.

Just attach some brackets to the wall and rest a glossy piece of mango wood or driftwood across them. Voila! You have an instant ledge that you can drape your necklaces across.

Other ways to dress up your walls and stay organized include using a picture frame with a mesh screen inside. This works well as a way to hang earrings.

4) Choose the Right Organizer For You

It’s important to take stock of your space and determine the best way to organize jewelry. Some people like boxes while others prefer drawers. Drawers are a good choice because they keep jewelry contained — and less likely to get dusty.

If you’re low on counter space, going with cedar boxes or drawers may be the right move.

While you’re at it, spend a little time cleaning your jewelry to make sure it stays in top shape. Simple Shine Cleaner is the perfect way to keep that sparkle going on your favorite earrings or bracelets.

5) Clean Out Your Collection Every 6 Months

Finally, if you’re struggling to organize because you have so much stuff, look at your collection and make some eliminations. Jewelry styles change with time, and those chunky earrings that looked great in 1988 probably won’t be in your jewelry rotation as much today.

Save some space by donating or selling pieces you no longer wear. You’ll reduce the stress of organizing and create room for new finds!

Start Organizing

With a few tips on how to organize jewelry in mind, you can start adding clarity to your jewelry collection. Leave the days of tangled messes behind and save yourself time in the process. When you’re ready to find more ways to add some organization — and fun — to your lifestyle, check back for more great articles!

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