5 Ideas To Attract Students Into Coworking Spaces

by Mother Huddle Staff
Ideas To Attract Students Into Coworking Spaces

Nowadays, coworking spaces are becoming more and more popular. And if you try to remember your college years, you will easily understand why. Noisy neighbors, loud music, and constant distractions are very typical things to face on campus. So, when you try to study or get ready for an important test or exam, you usually have to struggle to find some peaceful and calm place to do that. And coworking space can become a perfect way out. But just as with any other service, you will have to try hard to become popular among students. For example, you cannot expect that students will buy a term paper online from the very first site that offers such services. They will consider everything carefully, first of all, the reviews online and the recommendations of their friends. So here are five ideas on how to make your coworking space popular among students.

1. Distinguish your coworking space from other brands

When we are talking about any type of business, the first thing you have to understand is what your client needs and use it in order to attract them. In most cases, students are in need of a stable Wi-Fi signal and a place that will make them want to work. Of course, you can use a library, but usually, the atmosphere in a library is pretty strict, and it’s neither motivating nor stimulates your creativity. When you are working in a coworking space, on the other hand, you usually feel more relaxed; the atmosphere is more easy-going, so for many students, it’s easier to show their creativity. That is why you have to offer students something they are looking for and make stress on that when advertising your coworking space.

2. Become a student-friendly space

It’s not a surprise that students are often looking for benefits. The majority has big student loans, and if there is an opportunity to save a couple of dollars or to get something for free, you can be sure that students will use it. So, you can come up with numerous ideas, what to offer as a bonus so that students would like to come back to your coworking space and recommend it to their friends. So, you can offer discounts if they spend a particular number of hours in your place. Or you can offer some free hours; usually, there are some periods during the day when there are not so many visitors. Just make them free hours, to attract clients, and for sure they will stay longer or will buy coffee or some snack.

3. Internet is the best place for advertisement

Any person nowadays will admit that they are starting to spend more and more time online. And students are not, of course, an exception. That is why you have to consider placing online ads as a way to attract your audience. You have to consider all popular social media platforms as well as professional ones. So, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, you should consider everything. Another option is hiring some influencers and a well-known blogger to make a little promotion for your coworking space.

4. You should give them what they want to get

Just read some quizzes on the Internet about what students look for when they are studying. For example, more and more students come to the conclusion that studying outdoors is more efficient. So if your coworking space permits you to organize an area outdoors, that would be perfect. But make sure that you can still provide a strong Internet connection.

5. Be interesting from a technological point of view

Even though Wi-Fi is very important, you should not stop there. Modern technology allows us to do a lot of interesting and, at the same time, very simple things that will make the studying process easier. For example, you can create an online cabinet where students will be able to create a board with tasks, will receive reminders, and will be able to communicate with other students.


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