Great Ideas for Indoor and Outdoor Holiday Decor

by Mother Huddle Staff

Once there’s a chill – and a holiday tune, or two – in the air, it’s time to decorate for Christmas with warmth and cheer. Here are three things to focus on when transforming your home into a winter wonderland.

Start With the Tree

Some people consider it sacrilege to put up anything other than a freshly-cut Douglas fir or Norway spruce for Christmas, while others keep the look but prefer the convenience of an artificial tree. Although there’s nothing wrong with a traditional tree, if you want to stand out this holiday season then consider something a bit more outside-the-forest.

One cute idea is to stack treasured family photographs in tapered layers so they form the shape of a tree; you can add tinsel and lights to give your pics a festive pop. The same stacking concept can be used with games, puzzles, or books, since anything relatively flat will work. If you’d still like your “tree” to feel natural, think about using succulents or even hay bales to create a non-traditional seasonal showpiece.

Add in Dining Room Details

Although your tree might be the focus of your holiday decorations, chances are your family will join together for many celebratory meals. For that reason, your dining room decor should reflect the magic of the season.

A great way to make a statement is by emphasizing a particular Christmas color; think red table linens, seat covers, serving dishes, etc. Gold and silver table settings can also add some holiday dazzle to your dining. You can also spruce up your dining room, literally, by adding a second Christmas tree to the space. Don’t forget to add in twinkling lights, which you can use to adorn not just your tree but also your buffet, ceiling fixtures, and even the table itself.

Finish With a Spectacular Outdoor Display

Now that you’ve turned the inside of your home into a winter wonderland, don’t overlook the outside. Whether you go all out with a whimsical lawn and roof display or keep it subtle with simple holiday lighting, creating a welcoming exterior will set the stage for the look you’ve put together inside. Think about how much space you have to work with and what kind of statement you’d like to make. In general, the style of your exterior should match the interior, so if you’ve gone all-out inside your home consider doing the same outdoors.

This is one area where it can help to call in the professionals, and many businesses specialize in Christmas light installation. Not only do these companies provide the lighting, but they will often also install, maintain, and remove it when the time comes. Regardless of whether you do it yourself or use a pro, a beautiful exterior display can put the perfect finishing touch on your home’s festive decor.

From your Christmas tree to your dining decor to your fabulous outdoor display, the holiday season brings plenty of opportunities for you to show off your festive flare. These ideas will have you covered when it comes to decking your holiday halls.

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