5 Kid’s Bedroom Ideas For Your Next Renovation

by Mother Huddle Staff
5 Kid’s Bedroom Ideas For Your Next Renovation

A child’s bedroom needs to be imaginative but practical at the same time. For parents looking to renovate their kid’s bedroom, there can be quite a dilemma in figuring out how to meet the various needs of a growing child. Here are a few kids’ bedroom ideas so you can create a functional space for your child without compromising on the ‘creative wonderland’ aspect.

1. Nature Is The Perfect Addition

Children can often fall under stress from peers or for academic reasons. Their bedroom should be a calming, rejuvenating space that allows them to grow and develop at their own pace without judgment. Adding naturalistic elements like some foliage and potted plants, sketches of animals such as elephants and colors like white, green, beige, and grey to open up the space is a great idea. You can also add in some forest or jungle-themed wallpaper and rugs!

2. Storage Can Be Creative And Fun

One thing kids need a lot of is storage. Incorporate creative storage solutions such as vertical shelving, toy trunks, and beds that open up to allow storage space. Instilling that sense of organization and love of cleaning in children from an early age is a brilliant habit that will serve them well in their adult years. Make sure your kid knows where each toy and belonging goes! Cubed drawers and storage systems are similarly both fun and practical.

3. Have A Designated Arts & Crafts And Study Area

If your child’s bedroom is big enough, design a gorgeous corner for them to study in every day as well as to do their arts and crafts projects. The more inspiring the corner is, the more enthusiastic they will be about homework! Decorate the wall art with memorabilia from their favorite cartoons and movies and add special customized touches like pet portraits. You can also encourage them towards a love for reading by having a small bookshelf installed with some childhood classics.

4. The Bed Is The Star of The Room

You may have seen race car beds and other themed kid’s room beds around or in movies and they can really upgrade the style of a bedroom. Whether it is napping, playing video games, or reading, the bed is a central character in every kid’s life for both boys and girls. Choose a bed that is absolutely inspiring for your kid depending on their interests. Whether it is sports, underwater creatures, aliens, or girly pink glamor, find a themed bed that says it all.

5. A Mini Climbing Wall

A problem with the kids of the current generation is that they are addicted to technological devices and rarely play outside, spend time in nature or play games that are physical (such as board games or building games) rather than digital. Cultivate an interest in beautiful objects so that your child can appreciate keepsakes like a custom home painting. Create a mini climbing wall in your kid’s bedroom during your next renovation as it is easier than it looks and your child will love burning off excess energy during the day and might make rock climbing his new favorite hobby.

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