The Best Luxury Gifts To Buy For Your Husband

by Mother Huddle Staff

When it comes to buying a gift for your husband, it can sometimes be difficult to know what to get for them. Whether its for their birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas or even for an anniversary, you want to make sure that the present is special and thoughtful, or maybe even have some sentimental value behind it. If you are looking to go the extra mile and surprise your husband when giving him a gift this year, here is a list of the best luxury gifts that you could buy for your loving husband.

Designer watch

Nothing says luxury like a designer watch does. Designer watches can make an extra special gift for your husband, as it may be something that he would not necessarily buy for himself. When it comes to buying a designer watch there are many different makes and models that you can choose from. All designer watches, such as a luminox mens watch are designed and made to such as high quality, meaning that your husband will have this watch for his entire lifetime. Designer watches, such as these elegant Cartier watches, are also extremely classic and work well with many different outfits no matter what your husbands’ style is.


Sticking with the theme of accessories, another special luxury gift that you could buy for your husband is a pair of cufflinks. Although cufflinks may not seem like a typical present that you would give to someone, a designer pair of cufflinks can be a really special gift that you give to your husband. Whether your husband wears a suit to work every day, or only wears one on special occasions, he will be sure to get great use out of a pair of designer cufflinks. Gifting someone a pair of cufflinks usually has a lot of sentiment behind it, so I am sure that your husband will greatly appreciate this special gift.

Coffee machine

If your husband is not into accessories or materialistic items, you should buy him a luxury gift that he will get a lot of use out of. If your husband drinks coffee, then a great luxury gift that you can buy for him is a coffee machine. Although this gift may seem like an odd one, buying your husband a coffee machine is both practical and special, as this machine will be able to provide you with delicious coffee every day just like the coffee you would receive at a café. As an add bonus, when you buy a coffee machine for your husband you will be able to enjoy this luxury gift too.

A Cigar

A quality Cuban cigar would be another luxury gift idea for your husband. Cigars are a great way of relaxing time accompanied by a glass of pairing spirit. He will surely be pleased with your choice especially if you try to select the most suitable for him. There are too many types of cigars that can match any smoker’s taste. If your husband is a real aficionado, you can opt for Camacho cigars crafted for those who want a more bold character and taste. They provide smooth and rich blends perfect for cigar lovers. In case your loved one prefers lighter smokes you can take Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos, Montecristo Eagle Open Series, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills, etc.

Leather briefcase

If your husband works in business, banking, or any high-profile job, a great luxury gift that you could buy for him is a leather briefcase. This is a practical yet extremely special gift that he will get use out of every single day at work. A leather briefcase will help your husband to organise all of his work belongings while he transports them to and from work. Although briefcases are available in a range of different styles and colours, a leather briefcase is classic and timeless, meaning it will last your husbands for years if it looked after and cared for properly. Therefore, buying a leather briefcase for your husband is definitely worth the investment.

Personalized leather wallet

To match in with the leather briefcase, you could also buy your husband a personalised leather wallet. Wallets, no matter what their material or design, are a great present that you can get for your husband as they are a practical and reliable gift. Having the leather wallet engraved with his name or initials is a great way to personalise this gift and will add a lot of sentimental value to the wallet, which I am sure he will really appreciate. Many luxury brands offer this personalisation process, meaning it is very easy to get done. Just like a leather briefcase, a leather wallet is timeless and will never go out of style.

Shaving kit

Another great luxury gift that you could buy for your husband is a shaving kit. Although shaving kits come in a range of sizes and prices that your husband could easily buy for himself, a luxury shaving kit may be something that he would not consider purchasing. Buying a luxury shaving kit for your husbands means that he will be able to pamper and groom himself with high-quality products, instead of the standard razor and shaving products that he usually uses. A shaving kit is a necessity for most men, so why not treat your husband to a luxury shaving kit this year?

Noise cancelling headphones

If your husband listens to a lot of music or enjoys playing video games, a great luxury gift that you could buy for him is a pair of noise cancelling headphones. Many brands offer noise cancelling headphones, meaning that you will be sure to find a pair that fit into your price range. Noise cancelling headphones are an extremely special gift yet are very useful and practical. Not only will music and speech sound much better and clearer for your husband from these headphones, but they will also silence out the rest of the world even if he is just listening to silence while trying to work.

Designer cologne

When it comes to buying a gift for your husband, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of cologne. Buying a bottle of cologne for your husband from a designer brand is a really special treat, which again he will be able to get use out of every single day. Not only will a bottle of designer cologne make your husband smell great, which can gift him a boost of confidence, but it will also remind him of you every time that he sprays it. This means that not only is this gift practical and useful, but it is also very thoughtful and can have a lot of sentimental value for you both.

Digital camera

The last luxury gift that would make a great present for your husband is a digital camera. There are hundred of digital cameras available on the market meaning you will be sure to find one that your husband will find easy to use. Your husband will really enjoy this luxury gifts, especially if he likes to take pictures or is interested in photography. With this luxury gift, your husband will be able to capture all the special moments that you share with your friends and family, meaning that you will both be able to hold on to these memories forever. A digital camera is an extremely sentimental and thoughtful present, that I’m sure your husband will love greatly.

As you can see, there are a number of luxury gifts that you could buy for your husband no matter what the occasion. Not only are all of the luxury gifts that have been mentioned extremely practical, but they are also very special and will show your husband how much you really care about him. So, next time you want to treat your husband to an extra special gift you should definitely consider buying one of these luxury items for him.

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