How To Make His First Father’s Day Memorable and One He’ll Never Forget

by Mother Huddle Staff
How To Make His First Father's Day Memorable and One He'll Never Forget

Bringing a new life into the world cannot compare to anything else. As a mum, your sole focus will be on providing plenty of love, support and care to your newborn. However, there’s one other person who plays a big role in your baby’s life – their father.

Dads are fantastic and totally deserve praise, so when their first Father’s Day comes around, you’ll want to plan out a spectacular day to show how much he means to you and the baby. With that in mind, here are some brilliant ways to make his first Father’s Day memorable and one he’s sure to never forget.

Create a Personalized Photo Book

There will be many memories you’ve already accumulated since welcoming your little one into the world. And thanks to technology, you can snap every moment with your smartphone, rather than go to a shop to get your photos developed! Because of this, why not head online and check out Photobox, which has fathers day photo gifts? They have a wide selection of personalized fathers day gifts, such as their little moments photo book that can be filled with photos of him and the baby. Other options include photo fridge magnets and a photo apron.

Give Him Some ‘Me’ Time

As you’re already aware, ‘me’ time goes straight out the window when you become a three. Finding time to do other things can be challenging with all your focus and attention on your newborn. If there’s one day for your baby’s dad to have a break and do something fun, it’s Father’s Day. Whether he spends some time playing video games, playing sports, watching a film, or having a soak in the bath, your partner is sure to appreciate some time to zone out and relax.

Make His Favorite Meal

Many new parents simply don’t have the time to slave behind the kitchen hob and make tasty meals. However, Father’s Day can be one occasion where you can make an exception. You should know your partner’s favorite dish, so to make his special day memorable, cooking up something yummy is sure to go down a treat. Just try and find a dish he loves that doesn’t take hour upon hour to whip up! When the baby goes to sleep, you can light a candle or two, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a delicious meal together.

Let Him Catch Up on ZZZ’s

If you and your partner take it in turns to do the night feeds and day-to-day care of your baby, it’s safe to say you’re both going to be running low on energy. When Father’s Day arrives, this is the best occasion to give your other half the chance of a lie-in. Even if he doesn’t make a fuss and just gets on with things, your partner may be feeling run down and in need of some sleep. There are many reasons why sleep is important for parents. Therefore, allowing him to snooze in bed will mean he can wake up on Father’s Day feeling fully rested and ready for an exciting day ahead.

Have the Baby ‘Make’ Him a Gift

Yes, we’re aware your baby can’t even stand up yet, but you can spend some time crafting something for your partner that can be ‘from’ them. There are lots of ideas to pick from too. These include a personalized cookie jar or a keychain attached with loving messages. You can even hand over the gift from your little one. That way, any crafting errors you’ve made can be excused!

Purchase Matching Dad and Baby T-Shirts

For Father’s Day, why not have your man and baby looking the part with matching t-shirts? Let his Dad pride come out with a super cute message on the t-shirt. We’re confident he’ll rock it all year long! There are lots of fun words you can put on it, such as ‘big kid/little kid’ or ‘sleep deprived/sleep depriver’. Just make sure you know your partner’s size so it fits perfectly.

Buy Him a Fun Toy

While your man will be all grown up, many are just kids at heart. If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, why not buy something quirky and cool? There are lots of fun toys that will bring out the kid in him and give him something to play with, such as a remote-controlled helicopter. If you opt for this toy, make sure he has good control of it, otherwise, the helicopter may end up crashing to the ground!

Show Your Appreciation

When your attention is on caring for your baby, it can be difficult to take the time to show appreciation for everything your guy is doing for the both of you. However, on Father’s Day especially, let him know how much you admire what he does and what an excellent job he’s doing as a dad. To give him something to keep hold of for a lifetime, why not write all this down on a card? You could even get it framed, which can be placed on the mantlepiece.

Go On a Family Day Out

Rather than spending the entirety of Father’s Day indoors, why not head out as a family and go somewhere fun? Pack up the baby and choose an activity that your man is sure to love. Whether it’s going for a simple walk, a bike ride, or a road trip, you’re bound to find something he’ll enjoy. Whatever you decide on, he’ll just be happy you’re all together as a family doing it.

Plan a Date Night

Your other half loves being a dad, but don’t forget – he loves you just as much! If you have someone there for childcare duties, why not go out on Father’s Day in the evening for a romantic date night? You can take him to his favourite restaurant and spoil him with your undivided attention. There are date night ideas for every budget, so it doesn’t matter how much cash you’ve got in the bank, but as long as you’re together.

Before your baby’s first birthday arrives, there will be lots of pivotal moments that you can celebrate, such as Father’s Day. There are lots of ways you can honour new dads with useful and thoughtful Father’s Day ideas like those listed above.

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