Organizing Your Home: Post Holidays

by Elowen

As we wrap up from the holidays and finally start to get into the swing of things, we soon recognize that our homes need a fresh start as well. A great way to give our environment that boost is by focusing on organization. Between the new items we got as presents and the numerous knick knacks that were added in as decorations, we can definitely feel a little cluttered. To begin our new year in an optimized state, organization comes first and foremost. Keep reading for 6 different ways you can get back on track.

Start with Garbage

Before you begin decluttering the bulk of your house, it’s important to clear out the excess garbage that is inevitably scattered throughout the home. You may have gotten rid of the wrapping paper that littered the space before, however, there may be some things lingering around that you have waited to tackle. Now that the busy times have cooled down you can go around your home and clear out the lasting mess. If you’re a naturally tidy person, you might be able to simply go through your home with a garbage bag and tidy up the mess. However, if your house is a little more cluttered, you can always look at getting someone who specializes in junk removal to help out. Clearing out unwanted belongings is a great way to kick off the post-holiday cleanse.

Pack up decorations

This may seem like a pretty daunting task, however it is something that has to be done. To make it easier on yourself, try choosing 30 minute time periods to focus on putting away your decor. This can make it a little easier to digest. When you section out your time, you give yourself small wins while packing! You may also find an opportunity to repurpose some of your beautiful Christmas decorations throughout the house for the rest of the winter. Reusing an artificial tree for valentines day, or even using pieces of garland for centerpieces are great ways to keep that cozy winter feel, without overdoing that Christmas spirit. The opportunities are endless!

Find places for your new items

Christmas clean up can be a little trickier than other holidays, since it is commonly known as the season of giving, you most likely have various new items scattered throughout your living area. Finding a home for these new knick knacks without having it appear too cluttered can be a difficult task. If some of your gifts are seasonal, try putting them into storage so you are not unnecessarily creating chaos, when it could have been easily avoided. If you lack proper storage areas, consider investing in some flat storage bins that can easily slide under couches or beds.

Get rid of boxes

Naturally, you must have a lot of boxes laying around from the holidays. Either from ordering items yourself or receiving them with your presents, they can add up quickly. Instead of throwing them in a closet or your basement, break them down! Empty boxes will only take up space, serving no other purpose. You may even feel as if you’ll need them for future storage or to hold presents, however they are not worth it to hold on to! When you order your gifts for next year, you will be supplied with just as many boxes. Ridding your home of these space holders will give you a calming peace of mind.

Deep clean

I’m sure you have cleaned your home numerous times leading up to the holiday season, yet here we are again, doing the exact same thing! However, this will give your place the refresh and revamp it is so badly in need of. If you hosted any of the dinners or family get togethers, there are sure to be some areas that are in need of a deep clean. Whether you are simply cleaning out your oven which I am sure has been used excessively these past months, or finally dusting behind the TV, whatever it be, you will be sure to feel back to normal. This could even be a perfect time to focus on your kids’ rooms as well. Organizing their closet or updating their bedroom storage can really set them up for success as they embark on 2020.

Consider expanding your space

The holiday season always brings a flurry of events and guests. And you might have felt that your home and outdoor areas were a little too crowded for comfort during your festive gatherings. If that’s the case, why not look into a bit of renovation to maximize or expand your entertaining space?

An easy way to do that would be to add a deck around your house or backyard. This will give you a dedicated, organized space for outdoor parties, a grill or pool, or a cozy lounge for you and your guests. This is also a wonderful opportunity to get creative. Go for durable composite decking options to choose the materials, colors, and textures you want for your deck. Design your own layout to achieve a unique deck that fits your needs.


When you replace your old items with your new gifts, you can turn your holiday clean up into an opportunity of giving. We all know how financially straining the holidays can be, so donating anything to those in need would be a blessing. You can even do this from the comfort of your own home, as some organizations will even come to your home and pick up your donations!

Tackle the first month of the year with the best tools possible. Create an organized and clean environment and you will reap the benefits with each day! Whether you choose to challenge yourself to all 6 tips or dedicate your time to one of them, it’s crucial to take a step in the right direction. Comment below on your favorite post holiday tip.

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