Resources for Healthcare Questions

by Mother Huddle Staff
Resources for Healthcare Questions

Whether you’re looking for pregnancy testing Atlanta, cancer treatment education in Denver or cardiac care in Philadephia, there are healthcare professionals all over the country to help you. The key in finding what you need is understanding yourself first. How comfortable are you discussing the subject at hand? Are you more relaxed talking with a male or female healthcare professional? Would it be easier for you to speak with someone closer to you in age or are you fine with a nurse or doctor whose age and life experience is vastly different from yours? Once you know these things, you can set about getting your questions answered.

Your Next Step

Many people take their symptoms or questions to the internet to get answers. While that’s not entirely wrong, you should treat it as a place to start. First, consider the source of the information you’re reading. Someone’s blog might be informational, but you can’t count that as a qualified medical opinion unless the person writing the blog is a trained medical professional. Be careful, though. Internet scams abound. The blogger you’re trusting may be lying about their credentials.

A better choice is to find articles on your topic of interest which are posted to the websites of trusted names in medicine. You’d be more likely to find solid medical advice from sources like, the Mayo Clinic or Johns Hopkins Medicine. One reason these sources are more reliable is their purpose for existence. Bloggers exist to generate revenue – for themselves. Medical practitioners like the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City exist to serve patients. Their whole purpose is to help people live longer, healthier lives. Therefore, the articles they allow to be published on their websites are thoroughly researched and can be trusted to give you solid medical facts no matter the topic. makes its money giving out fact-based medical opinions. If they gave faulty information their source of revenue would dry up, which means you can trust them, too.

Don’t Stop There

Once you have more information based on knowledge you’ve gleaned from trusted internet sources, you should keep going. Find a medical practitioner near you with whom you feel comfortable. Trusting your nurses and doctors is an important facet of your relationship. If you don’t trust your doctors and nurses, you’re not likely to believe what they say and take their advice now are you? You may have to visit more than one office or clinic in order to find someone with whom you can develop a rapport. Don’t give up. You have every right to both feel secure and get the answers you seek.

Your medical professionals like it when you come to them informed about the topic which you’re seeking guidance regarding. If you have some knowledge, they can take what you already know and expound on it so you have a greater understanding of your own health. Ask your questions. They love that, too, because it demonstrates you care about your health and wellbeing.

Your health is important. Get the answers you need from reliable sources.

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