Self-Care Gifts for Moms this Holiday Season

by Mother Huddle Staff
Self-Care Gifts for Moms this Holiday Season

As a mom, you might be finding less and less time to be able to take a moment for yourself and dive deep into your self-care, especially during this time of year. Self-care doesn’t have to be an occasional thing, it can be scheduled and something you look forward to every week. You can find simple ways to include self-care into your daily routine by mixing it up and shifting your perspective on what self-care is. For some, self-care is taking a long walk in the park or meditating, for others self-care can be a relaxing night spent in a bubble bath. Self-care is different for everyone. Read on to check out some self-care items that are perfect to gift moms this Christmas!

Self-Care Subscriptions

A perfect way to indulge in some self-care is to sit down and do an activity that you genuinely enjoy. For example, if reading is something you love to do, then make it a priority by reading at least ten pages a day. In the time it takes you to read, you are doing something that brings you peace of mind and can help you recharge. However, if you don’t have many books at home or are too busy to head to your local library, consider asking for a subscription service for books. Getting a book delivered straight to your door is a perfect gift when you’re a mom. Reading is a great activity for when the kids are asleep and there is some quiet time in the house. Make sure to add this to your list this year!

Another great subscription for moms is a meditation or mindfulness app. Practicing mindfulness consistently helps to de-stress and regulate your emotions. Mindfulness exercises can help you achieve inner peace and assist you in communicating with people in unique environments. Moreover, you can incorporate other elements such as green gemstones into your mindfulness practice to increase the energy-healing effects. Green stones have the ability to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and boost one’s gratitude. Some mindfulness prompts help with getting better sleep, reducing anxiety, relaxing,  and practicing gratitude. Moms can rely on this app to help them with a variety of things they are struggling with, including overcoming anxiety around traveling. A mindfulness app is perfect for moms as it is convenient and easily accessible.

Fashion & Beauty Self-Care Items

Moms, are you dreaming of the night you’ll be able to cozy up in a fluffy robe and slippers while waiting for your tub to fill up? This year is the perfect time to ask for all the essentials for your at-home spa night. Ask for a comfortable, warm, and fuzzy bathrobe to wear around while you pour in the bubbles, drop a bath bomb or pour some bath salts. While you’re enjoying your nice warm bath you can massage in a hair mask. Make sure you have damp hair and then you can begin running your fingers through your hair to disperse the product. Hair masks bring your hair to life by giving it a shiny and smooth look.

After rinsing off your hair mask, you’ll want to keep those feet warm once you step out of the bathtub, so a good pair of slippers is essential. They can match your bathrobe or be something completely different, like the trendy smiley slippers! Move on to your skincare routine next because your self-care moment isn’t over yet. Make sure to moisturize, with the winter season rolling in keeping your skin hydrated is essential. If you are facing some skin issues recently such as acne or puffiness try including an acne cream and a depuffing tool into your routine. Having a prescription acne cream personalized to you will help you say goodbye to your skin problems. Having the convenience of being able to order it online makes this a great gifting option. An easy hack to get rid of puffiness is to take an ice roller to your face. Keep this tool in the freezer and take it out when you need it. This is a super easy beauty tool for moms!

Items for When Your Version of Self-Care is Exercise

If you like to practice self-care by taking a walk with the stroller around the neighborhood, make sure you have a water bottle with you on top of all the other essentials you’re carrying for your little one. Walking is a great way to relieve stress, get your heart rate up and get outside. If it’s a hot day and you are breaking a sweat you will definitely want to have a water bottle on hand. If the water bottle has a clip to attach to the stroller that’s an added bonus and a great idea for a gift! If that isn’t an option you can buy a cup attachment for the stroller to hold your bottle.

Yoga is another popular form of self-care and also a great way to exercise, socialize, and focus. There are so many benefits to yoga, but finding a yoga class to attend can be difficult as a mom as the time slots don’t always match up with your available hours. An easy solution to still being able to do your yoga is doing it at home. There are plenty of online yoga classes and YouTube videos for you to watch but you need to make sure you have the right yoga clothes and accessories at home.

Add a good-quality yoga mat, some yoga blocks, or matching leggings and sports bra set to your Christmas list. You can even wear your matching set for the rest of the day, not just for yoga. While you are doing some yoga at home you can keep the kids occupied with playtime. This self-care activity is very flexible and can be done at any time of the day, you might be able to include your kids and do this as a self-care and bonding activity.

Moms deserve the gift of self-care this year. Consider gifting one of the items listed above. Whether you want to get into reading or improve your skincare there are endless options for you to choose from. De-stress and don’t neglect your self-care, it’s easy to incorporate small self-care activities into your day even when you are a busy mom.

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