Side Dishes Can Make the Meal

by Mother Huddle Staff
Side Dishes Can Make the Meal

When someone asks “What’s for dinner?” they usually aren’t asking what kind of salad is being served on the side. But a memorable side dish can put your meal over the top. Side dishes are called that for a reason; they aren’t the main course. But some side dishes can be show-stealers or can make a good meal into a great one.

Some meals seem to cry out for specific side dishes. Online recipe guides like the Kitchen Community have some good suggestions on this topic. Here are some good ideas that can’t fail to complement your meal.

Keep it Light

While a salad is always one good option for a light side dish, there are a few other choices that can make a nice change from this standard. Roasted corn on the cob or steamed fresh vegetables can be good choices. And almost any vegetables can be simply roasted in a pan with a little oil and garlic. You can also lightly sautee the same vegetables, and give them a different flavor. Choosing whatever is freshest can keep you from getting bored with this option. There’s always something coming into season to change it up.

Soups Need Company Too

If you’re craving soup, a hearty stew, or chili to warm you up on a cool day, don’t forget to add a companion dish to round out the meal. Fresh bread or biscuits are always good choices. And nothing goes with chili like warm cornbread. An option that you might want to look at adding to a warm soup dinner is cornbread stuffing. The sweet heartiness can complement any soup. Any of these can help complete your dinner table.

Potatoes can Go With Anything

With hundreds of ways to prepare them, one of the most versatile items for a side dish is the humble potato. Of course, you can make old-fashioned potato salad, it’s popular for a reason. A nice steaming pan of scalloped potatoes can pull almost any meal together. But something as simple as slicing and frying your own french fries can add a good touch to a meal too. The kids might like yours as much as the fast-food version.

Fresh Fruits Forever

Another good light option can be simply adding some fresh fruits to your meal. Much like the vegetables listed above, fruit is a great way to add a light side to your dinner. And putting some sweetness next to your main dish can really complement a huge variety of different foods. The simplicity of washing berries or slicing up a mixed fruit bowl can be a good easy alternative to making another whole dish.

No matter what you want to do with your meal, there’s always a good side dish option that can complement it perfectly. It can be as simple or as involved as you like, and it will make your good meal a great one. But be careful, you might discover a new favorite, and need to add it to your regular rotation of good food.

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