Follow These Steps To Prep Your Lawn for the Spring

by Mother Huddle Staff

Though the winter can seem like it lasts a lifetime in some places, the spring tends to arrive faster than most people realize. If you’re looking to have a spectacular lawn as the weather begins to warm, you need to start as early as possible and create a checklist of items to complete. From prepping your equipment to shopping for plants, there are plenty of tasks to take care of before the winter even ends.

Check Your Mower and Other Equipment

A few months can put a lot of pressure on equipment that has been placed in storage. From damp conditions to the irritating issues dust can cause, you never know what sitting idle can do to your tools. Most homeowners agree that the most sensible way to begin planning for the spring thaw is by checking over equipment long before the season arrives. Should you notice any signs of rust or wear, take necessary action and repair or replace whatever requires attention. 

Plan To Fertilize the Lawn

In order for your lawn to burst with colorful blossoms and lush greens, you need to create the right conditions for growth. One big component in this equation is fertilizing the lawn. Most experts agree the best time to fertilize lawn in MN is in the spring, summer, or fall. While you don’t want to fertilize too early, you can still do your homework and learn about which options are best for your soil. Additionally, you can take the early steps of weeding the areas that will require fertilization once spring arrives. 

Remove What the Winter Left Behind

Most people don’t do much yard work come winter. Whether you’re dealing with piles of snow or the temperature is just too low to consider leaving the house, there are plenty of good reasons to forget about these tasks until warmer conditions prevail. However, you need to be ready for what the winter leaves behind. Every storm that blows through is likely going to send an onslaught of twigs, leaves, and other debris on your property. Take note of this and make a plan of action to remove all this garbage before you start on your seasonal lawn maintenance.  

Start the Overseeding Process

After you’ve removed debris and weeds, you’ll have a good idea of what your lawn is going to look like at the start of the season. Since there are likely to be spots of dirt where grass has been removed or killed by the winter’s touch, you want to begin the overseeding process. Cover all barren areas with seeds and it will start to give thin spots a more verdant appearance. Aeration can also be a good step to take at this point, as the soil should be warming up as the winter comes to a close.

The winter might be a season of inaction for the most part, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting ready for the arrival of spring as early as you’d like. If you want to have a lawn that boosts your home’s curb appeal, take time to create a strategy that will help you give your property the attention it deserves.

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