7 Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas That Are Perfect for Instagram

by Mother Huddle Staff

If there’s one thing to know about teenage girls or teenagers in general, it’s that they all have their own unique style.

Bedding experts from allrightsleep.com tell us there is no better way for teenagers to express their individuality than through their bedrooms.

Every teenage girl is different and will have their own distinct preferences. If you’re wondering how to make the big transition from their old princess style bedroom to a bedroom your teen would proudly show off on their Instagram feed, we’ve got you covered.

Here are our top seven teen girl bedroom ideas that are perfect for Instagram.

Where Dreams Are Made

A teen girl’s bedroom should be the place of her dreams, so start where dreams are made and start with the bed. Your teen’s mattress may need to be replaced, especially if they’re complaining about body aches and pains.

Check out more info here if you want to know how to choose the perfect mattress for your teen.

Teen Girl Bedroom Themes

It’s time to choose an overall theme for her bedroom. You can go off course go with no theme at all, that works too! A theme will help with consistency in the bedroom design and keep things balanced.

Here are two of our favorite theme ideas:


The fun part about boho style is that it can also be as wild as your teen girl wants it to be. There are no definite rules when it comes to boho designs. That is also what can make it a little tricky.

Boho decor is all about rich colors, bold textures, and mismatched patterns. Think quirky and playful and less traditional.

Natural materials made of rattan and wood are staples when it comes to boho decor. You can even skip the bed frame altogether! You will find that many boho bedroom idea inspirations feature beds directly on the floor.

When it comes to boho bedding, the goal is to look “intentionally undone.” Opt for textured and ruffled duvets and blankets (bonus boho-chic points if they have tassels and pompoms) and layer a boldly colored cultural blanket or chunky textural throw on top.

Boho decor is relatively lenient when it comes to rules, but there is one you must always follow. RUGS ARE A MUST. Persian and Moroccon rugs should be your boho rug inspo as well as jute.

Another rule, don’t keep your walls bare. Hang up vibrant artwork, intricate tapestries, or even baskets for ultimate boho vibes. Hanging wall macrame decor is trending and is another boho staple.


Modern glam, or contemporary glam, is a popular theme for teen girl bedrooms. When you think of modern glam, think of the phrase “simple and sophisticated luxury”.

When it comes to the decor, it’s all about the subtle luxurious finishes and details. Tufted furniture is a perfect way to achieve that simplified elegance. You can go for a tufted ottoman or bench or splurge and go for a tufted sofa.

Faux-fur benches and stools and velvet finishes are other ways of achieving a glam teen girl bedroom.

Look for furniture with accents like metallic finishes. Gold or brass will do as well as furniture with marbled or mirrored surfaces. Marble is a glam decor staple, and mirrored surfaces will also help illuminate the space.

Invest in staple pieces like a dramatic chandelier or a brass bar cart used as a table/storage space. They will make your teen’s room look incredibly chic while also make for a great conversation piece for when her friends are over.

Desk Space Your Teen Will Want to Use

The heading speaks for itself. Make your teen’s desk space functional while also making it beautiful enough that it will make her want to stay there.

Splurge on a comfy chair since this is where hours of her time will be spent studying. A comfy chair will also prevent your teen from moving to her bed instead, where she could doze off or get distracted. Add an accent pillow for extra comfort.

Keep the workspace simple and functional but also fun by choosing organization and storage supplies in chic designs or pretty patterns.

Add a small potted plant (real or fake) and some hanging wall art, and you’re golden.

Good Lighting

Did you know lighting can improve your life quality? Scientific studies show that bad use of artificial lighting can cause issues like stress, insomnia, and even obesity.

Opt for natural light as much as you possibly can and go for bulbs that are labeled “warm white”. Warm light promotes relaxation and mimics the natural sunlight from the afternoon sun.

Some actual systems and apps allow you to change the brightness and warmness of your room, depending on your mood. Think of those “clapper” lights you would see on late-night TV infomercials, but a thousand times better.

Large Mirrors

Large mirrors, whether they’re hung up on a wall or freestanding and leaning against one is perfect for a teen girl bedroom. They add some serious wow factor to any room.

Large mirrors are also the perfect place for your teen to take her OOTDS. That’s Outfit of the Day, for those of us who are still keeping up with today’s ever-evolving lingo.

They open up your space dramatically and amplify the light. Large mirrors are one of the best small teen bedroom ideas.

Instagram Worthy Spots

For an Instagram worthy room, it is vital to make sure there are spots in the room that are photogenic that will make it to anyone’s feed.

Think of a polaroid wall where your daughter can hang photos. Stick them on straight onto the wall or hang them on rows of strings for an Insta-worthy shot. An accent wall in the room will also do the job, especially if it’s in a fun pattern or design.


Add plants to a teen girl bedroom for a touch of natural beauty. They are fresh and pretty to look at, and they brighten up any space. They also improve the air quality of help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

Here is a list of the best plants to keep in your bedroom.

The Bedroom of Her Dreams

Make sure you invite your teen to brainstorm ideas with you to design a creative space that is comfortable, functional, and suits their unique style. Not everything that your teen might want will be practical, so make sure that you are communicating through this process and letting them know if something isn’t going to work. You can look at things like bedroom rugs together and other pieces of furniture so that she can create the bedroom of her dreams with you right there helping the whole way.

This is her chance to express her individuality, and we hope our guide to creating the perfect teen girl bedroom helped you.

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