The Benefits of Starting a Garden in Newmanstown, PA

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Benefits of Starting a Garden

If you own a home with a yard in Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, then you have the opportunity to take up gardening as a hobby. Gardening is a popular activity across the country, with millions of homeowners turning their property exteriors into beautiful oases of color and flora.

If you have never cultivated a garden before, then there is a bit of a learning curve. You have to understand the importance of healthy soil, watering, weeding, and plant species to ensure your garden will develop and thrive. It is also important that you know what it takes to design and maintain a garden, as it is not a one-off project that you can start and finish in a weekend.

Unsure if you should start a garden in your yard? Perhaps you can be convinced by hearing about the numerous benefits of this activity. Let’s dive into a few reasons why starting a garden at home is a great idea.

An Excuse to Be Outside

No one can make the argument that being outside is unhealthy. The fresh, unfiltered air is much better for our lungs and oxygen intake. The sunshine, in moderation, helps our skin develop vitamin D. Being outside usually coincides with some form of physical activity, even if it is moderate. When you take up gardening, it requires you to spend more time outside. First, you need to create a garden, which often involves physical exercise through digging, raking, and spreading soil. Then, you will have to tend to the garden consistently to water the plants and get rid of any weeds that are developing. The more care you put into the garden, the more time you are spending outside.

Stress Relief

Life can be stressful, especially with how busy we tend to find ourselves. Sometimes, you just need a break from the pace of your every day to relax and filter through your thoughts. When you have a garden, it is a great backdrop for a relaxing setting. Think about pulling up a lawn chair and sitting back next to your garden. Perhaps you can smell the scents of the various flowers. Maybe you get stuck admiring the details of each plant or the vivid colors of the petals. This is a simple way to relieve some stress. Plus, as you construct the garden, the physical labor required can take your mind off other things, helping unload some of the stress from your shoulders.

Teaches Responsibility to Children

If you have kids, then gardening is an opportunity to teach them about responsibility. Plants do not automatically survive without some level of care. If you invite your kids to be involved in the care and maintenance of a healthy garden, then they can start to understand some of these concepts like responsibility and caretaking. If they are really young, they can help with the simpler tasks. Once you receive a topsoil delivery, they can help spread the soil and rake it across the garden bed. Watering the plants is also a simple task. When they have enough dexterity, they can pull weeds using garden gloves to preserve the root systems of your chosen plants. Involving your children in gardening tasks is a simple and practical way to teach them responsibility.

Grow Your Own Food

We often look for simple ways to save some money, and once you have your garden set up, you can cut down on the grocery bill. Growing your own produce is a great way to live frugally as a family. Rather than buying fresh produce on every grocery trip to prepare a meal, you can simply walk out to the backyard and harvest wherever fruit or vegetable is in season. You can grow all kinds of produce in Newmanstown, PA, such as green beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, asparagus, and more. Not only will you save money on groceries, but growing produce can be immensely satisfying. Knowing that you cultivated these plants to the point that they are producing visible and consumable results is very gratifying, which can benefit your mental health. Also, cultivating fruits and vegetables will teach your children even more about responsibility.

Activate Your Green Thumb Next Spring

Although most plants start growing again in the spring once the snow recedes, you can start your garden as late as the fall. Preparing the ground well sometimes takes a little while, so you can design and set up your garden before the winter then when spring arrives, the soil will be ready for planting. Research the kind of plants that thrive in the Pennsylvania climate and start planning the layout of your garden so you can enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

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