The Impact of Dirty Air Filters on Indoor Air Quality

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Impact of Dirty Air Filters on Indoor Air Quality

We can easily understand that the continuous filtering of dirty air causes the air filters included inside our HVAC units to get clogged. So a residential air filter supplier will always suggest you to change the air filter every one to three months based on the air quality. But we often neglect this warning and keep putting it off. This can hugely affect indoor air quality and also can cause harm to the quality of living. Such a small thing it is to change the filters, but the effect can be tremendous.

What the Air Filters Inside HVAC Units Actually Do

All types of HVAC machines have air filters inside them. That means the furnace, air conditioner, and even the heater installed in your home all have air filters inside. Even though these machines have different features and responsibilities, there is one common thing that they all ensure. That is keeping the indoor air quality high. The air filters screen the air and purifies the air of harmful particles such as dust, mold, pet dander, fiber pieces, etc.

How Dirty Air Filters Harm Indoor Air Quality

We use HVAC systems in our homes to control the temperature, humidity, and air quality. In an indoor area, it is important to have a good air filter as the indoors do not have the luxury of using natural ways of purification. But a dirty air filter completely ruins the purpose of having an HVAC unit installed.

Dirty Air Filters Clog the Airway

When a lot of dirt particles get stuck in the filter so that the air cannot pass smoothly anymore, it is high time the filters get changed. But if you do not change the filter by then, it will clog the clean airway and will not be able to filter the air as it is supposed to.

Dirty Filters Increase Electricity Bills

When residential air filters get jammed with months’ worth of dust particles, fibers, pet dander, etc., it causes the filter density to rise, making it difficult to pass air. Obviously, that makes the machine use extra force to pass the air. The extra use of energy causes the electricity bills to rise even though the air quality reduces.

Dirty Air Filters Often Cause the Growth of Mold, Bacteria, and Mildew

As the air filters for the home keep accumulating more and more dirt, the air keeps flowing less and less. The accumulated dirt, unused, and strain cause extra mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. Thus, it negates the initial reason for using an HVAC when the filter itself participates in circulating allergens into the indoor air.

Complete Machine Breakdown

Because of the clogged filter, strain on the blower, and use of extra energy, the lifespan of the whole of the HVC unit gets shortened. The machine can break down easily if the filter is not properly maintained. Repairing the machine or buying a new one is very expensive. In the meantime, the indoor air keeps getting polluted with harmful particles.


Each residence might have different dust circulation types that need specific air filters. Some suppliers, such as Custom Filters Direct, provide custom size air filters, like 14x30x1 air filters and 13x20x1a furnace filters, for residential and commercial purpose. Depending on the initial air quality, a filter can last for up to three months. But keeping the filters in constant check-ups is mandatory to see how they are doing. If you do not do that, the cost of a dirty air filter is more than just the monetary cost. To keep the air quality high and your loved ones healthy, choose the right air filter for your HVAC systems.


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