Parents’ Guide: Tips for Choosing Your Kid’s First Car

by Mother Huddle Staff
Parents Guide Tips for Choosing Your Kid's First Car

It is a special moment when your kid finally utters their first word ever. And from then onwards, it is a beautiful journey of life to watch them grow older. Soon their first “Mama” or “Daddy” turns into the first step they take on their own, their first-ever bike ride, the first day of high school, and before you know it, they have passed their driving test, and it’s about time for their first car.

So naturally, it has to be a special moment yet again in their ongoing journey of life. 

But how do you find the perfect car that not only fits your budget but is equally liked by your child to be their first car ever? If these are some of your concerns, worry not, as you have come to the right place. We are going to list down some tips to help you get your child their first car – a perfect dream vehicle that makes the occasion all the more special. Have a look!

Note Your Priorities

Firstly, you would want to work out your priorities like safety, reliability and features. Noting your preferences and requirements will significantly help cut down a probable list and quickly conclude what type of car you can get your child as their first car. Then you can discuss and show this list to your kid and take their opinion.

Value Your Child’s Preferences

Next, it is necessary yet not so obvious for some parents to value their child’s preferences for their first car. Even though you are getting the car for them, you want to make it memorable. So naturally, it makes sense to value their opinion, preference and liking as to what type of a car they have in mind to be their first car ever.

Research Never Hurts

Researching is always a good idea and never hurts. It rather reinforces a decision you are about to make. Because now you can make a more informed and knowledgeable decision about what car you are getting for your child. Here are our top five recommendations of cars fit for the first time new drivers:

  1. Kia Picanto – for a small, budgeted ride
  2. Hyundai Kona – for an early, small SUV training
  3. Ford Fiesta – for a small but high-end ride
  4. Toyota Revo – for a heavy-duty, high-end ride
  5. Volkswagen Polo – for the early SUV experience

Decide a Budget

You would not want to move forward with just your and your kids’ preferences when it comes actually to buying the car. One of the most crucial steps in line is to decide on a budget. This will essentially help you and your kid reach a mutual decision of what type of car fits all your combined preferences as well as goes great on your pocket.

Don’t Forget Insurance.

Lastly, don’t forget to add insurance charges to the total cost of the car. There is an absolute necessity to get the car insured because your child is going to be getting their first car ever. So there is a higher chance of them getting into an accident than an experienced driver. Thus, in case of a mishap or an accident, insurance will help cover up the costs.


Overall, getting your child their first car should be a special occasion for everyone involved. Hence, we hope that following the tips that we have shared helps you achieve your goal, and your kid loves their first car for a long time. Best of Luck!

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