Buying A New Sofa: Tips for Homeowners

by Mother Huddle Staff
Buying A New Sofa Tips for Homeowners

The sofa is an important part of any living room renovations. Its arguable that it’s the focal point of the room before your eyes settle on the TV and the rest of you settles into its cushions. So, on top of what it looks like, it has to be comfortable.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to picking and changing your sofa. We haven’t even got to how you’ll get it in there. If you’re thinking of replacing your sofa, take a look at our guide for some tips.

Try before you buy

There are a lot of things that are a lot easier and reliable to buy online – a sofa’s not one of them. Sofas, up there with certain clothes items, perfume, and jewellery, is something that you just have to see in person to really understand if you want it or not.

On top of that, seeing your sofa in person means you can try it out. That beanbag could be a solid cube for all you know until you sit in it. Your sofa can be deceptive, and if you’re fussy about your comfort, you’re going to want to try it out before you commit.

Store your old sofa

And then, there is the question of what to do with your old sofa. It’s going to get crowded in there with your new one. If it’s still in good shape, it can be a waste to send it to the dump, and you might want to keep a hold of it.

There is the option of gifting it to a friend, but that can result in a game of dominoes where they then have to get rid of their sofa. The timing usually has to be perfect on that to avoid stress.

If your deal with your new provider doesn’t include removal of the sofa, you can rent out one of the Safestore storage units and store your old sofa until you’re ready to get rid of it.

Look for a sturdy frame

If you have pets or children, or a habit of throwing yourself onto your sofa after a long day, you might want to ask the retailer what the frame is made from. A quality frame can last you years if you invest in it, and you’ll find you won’t have to replace your sofa anytime soon if you buy quality.

Look for a solid hardwood frame and keep away from particleboard or metal. In addition, take a look at the guarantee and try to aim for at least 15 years.

Remember to measure

Measuring your space is important for a new sofa. You want to be sure that your sofa will fit well in your room. They come in all shapes and sizes, some squishier and some more solid, taking up less and more room.

But don’t just measure where it’s going to go. Measure where it has to pass to get there. There are a lot of instances of people in upstairs flats, for example, unable to get a sofa up close because the space around the stairs is too narrow.

Failing that, make sure your new sofa can be taken apart and put back together inside the house. If you are buying a pre-owned sofa and are hiring private movers for example, you might not have a choice in that. If you’re buying from a big brand and they have their own movers, they’ll probably have the means of getting the sofa in your flat one way or another, or they lose out on a sale. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

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