Top Interior Design Trends Right Now

by Mother Huddle Staff
Top Interior Design Trends Right Now

The recent push to put down the phones, get outside, and do home improvement projects, has led to many changes as far as interior design. Here are some of those trends and how they are playing out in homes. 


If you love colorful and eccentric decorations, then the maximalist theme is for you. It involves a unique mixing of prints and patterns that are all unified by one common tone. In addition, this theme involves both wallpapers and furniture. All of these patterns and features come together to create a playful atmosphere. 

Checks and Stripes

Checks and stripes are the most classic patterns. Now, people have started to match them. For instance, this trend often involves using checkered furniture inside a room with striped walls. 

Sculptural Furniture

Organic forms and shapely figures have begun decorating rooms. This type of furniture is often highly functional and beautiful. This trend can also include sculptural clay decorations on window sills and shelves. These curves and other shapes are attractive to the human eye. 

Primary Palettes

This interior trend involves using two of the primary colors against a muted background. Typically, it uses statement pieces, such as decorations or furniture, against neutral walls and stands. The vibrant colors attract the eye making the pieces stand out. One trend this has encouraged is the painting of wooden furniture. 

Distant Shores

Many people are yearning to ditch the landlines and find the freedom of distant shores. Well, this Hawaiian-inspired theme is letting people find this atmosphere in their own homes. This theme is all about creating a relaxing and calming environment where you can recharge. It incorporates floral patterns, bright colors, subtle monotones, and yellow. Adventurous connoisseurs of this theme may even bring greenery into the home. In short, it is an attempt to mimic the Hawaiian landscape. 

Eco-Friendly Choices

While other options are more affordable, people are still trending towards environmentally friendly designs and materials. This offers them the ability to improve their sustainability and protect the planet while enjoying their space. People using these items often have warm earthy tones in their homes. This includes colors such as golden beige, soft olive, mossy green, and earthy orange. These are often found decorating eco-friendly fabrics such as matt velvet, linen, and boucle. Materials like this are highly durable, so they don’t have to be replaced often and contribute to waste. 

The recent lifestyle changes contributed to all new trends in interior designs. These are some of the most noticeable trends right now. 

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