Understanding the Dangers of Adderall and Alcohol: What Parents Need to Know

by Mother Huddle Staff

According to a study in NCBI, a combination of alcohol and Adderall has become a common practice among people of 18 to 25 years. This is the age when your child discovers things that they may want to experiment with. This is, however, a dangerous combination that can lead to heart failure or death.

These substances are mostly abused because they are readily available. Adderall is a readily available prescription medicine for ADHD, while alcohol is sold in bars and stores. 

Are you concerned that your child is mixing Adderall and alcohol? Read on to find out what you need to know about this dangerous combination!

Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning is one of the dangers that come with mixing the two substances. Mixing alcohol and ADHD medications can make a person drink for a longer time without feeling the effects of alcohol. This is because Adderall contains stimulants that can keep you alert for a long time. 

You can drink without noticing any signs of drunkenness. This is very dangerous as you can drink more than the body can accommodate, leading to poisoning.

Health Risks

Apart from poisoning, a mixture of Adderall and alcohol has serious health consequences such as hallucinations, cardiovascular problems, and seizures. It can also result in death. Research at St. Joseph’s Medical center links this combination to heart attack, hypertension, and arrhythmia.

Lower Inhibition

Alcohol abuse lowers inhibition, and mixing it with Adderall can increase this even further. This is because, with Adderall in your system, you are likely to drink even more alcohol amounts than the body can accommodate.

Lowered inhibitions can result in dangerous decision-making. A person who is too intoxicated is likely to engage in activities that they normally wouldn’t do if they are sober. The combination changes an individual’s mindset. They can then engage in activities that result in serious life consequences.


The ADHD medications, as well as alcohol, are addictive substances. Mixing them increases the risk of addiction even further. You can easily surpass your normal rate of alcohol consumption. If you do this repeatedly, you develop alcohol and Adderall addiction, which may not be the lifestyle you want.

As soon as you notice that your child is developing a dependency on these substances, it is important that you seek assistance as soon as possible. Visit this inpatient drug rehab center to get help.

Lower Grades

One indicator that your child has been abusing alcohol and Adderall is the sudden drop in grades. Students abuse these drugs with the perception that they will enhance their performance and learning abilities, but they do the opposite. They might stay active for a long time and read more, but not get what they are studying.

The substances interfere with their cognitive abilities. These students will suddenly start reporting lower levels of academic achievement and lower grades. This greatly affects their professional achievements.

Seek Help for Adderall and Alcohol Abuse

Adderall and alcohol abuse have gone through several studies and all have concluded that the abuse of these substances is very dangerous. Students get involved with these drugs thinking that they can stimulate their brains and increase their performance, but they only do the opposite.

Taking care of your children is not easy, especially when they reach the age where they want to discover things and be independent. However, you don’t have to worry because our website gets you covered with helpful information on health issues and taking care of your family.

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