Excellent Uses For California Cotton Fabric In Your Home Redesign Project This Summer 2023

by Mother Huddle Staff
Using Cotton Fabric In Your Home Redesign Project

Spring and summer are common seasons when people look at updating their home décor. Whether you’re just thinking of adding striped wallpaper to your dining room or making a huge design change to your living room, California cotton fabric can give your home a great look.

Kitchen Table Linens

If your kitchen is done in neutral colors, swapping out your kitchen table linens with new ones in bright, bold colors can give you a new outlook. Cotton is the perfect fabric for napkins and tablecloths because it’s durable and washable. Add a bouquet of wildflowers that complement your color scheme and it might just feel like a party.

Bathroom Towels and Curtains

Bathrooms are expensive to renovate, so you might not want to redo the entire room. Consider pink wallpaper for walls, while adding California cotton bathroom towels in a bold color that brightens up the space. Use cotton fabric for curtains in your bathroom because it’s easy to clean and won’t feel too heavy. We stock a large variety of designs that will fit your style and aesthetic, whether you are sophisticated or whimsical.

Throw Pillows

In your bedroom, on your patio or on the living room sofa, throw pillows in new designs can transform a room without really doing much. Cotton fabric is affordable enough to have throw pillows for every season in new colors and designs. Choose a style that matches your wallpaper or look for something that goes with the seasonal holidays. Use patriotic colors for the 4th of July. Go with your school’s colors for August. Because cotton is easy to maintain, you won’t be worried about kids sitting on the pillows or pets using them for short naps.

Art Murals

California cotton fabric is an art medium that more artists are embracing for home décor. You can find artwork that complements your personality and home for every season. Look for artwork for every room in your home, from the bedrooms to your laundry room to add whimsy or interest. Your artwork doesn’t have to coordinate with paint or wallpaper, so just find something fun that piques your emotions.

Why Is Cotton So Popular?

Cotton has been a popular fiber for centuries, but it wasn’t until the cotton gin was patented in 1794 that the market really took off. The cotton gin made it easier to remove seeds from the fiber, which made it more affordable to make into goods. We love cotton because it is so comfortable and breathable. Cotton is low maintenance, but it’s versatile. It can be used in many different applications, from clothing to home goods. As a fiber, cotton is sustainable. Every part of the plant can be used, so there’s no waste. Once your cotton products are worn out, they are completely compostable, too.

The cotton industry supports millions of people around the world, but it’s real appeal is it’s feel and beauty. Make California cotton fabric part of your home’s décor as you update your space with new colors and styles.

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