The Ultimate Hiking Wardrobe: What to Wear for Your Next Hiking Trip

by Mother Huddle Staff
What to Wear for Your Next Hiking Trip

It’s undeniable that hiking is a wonderful activity, whether you’re alone or with the company of family and friends. It lets you connect with nature, clear your mind, and even get the exercise that you need!

However, when it comes to hiking, your wardrobe matters. After all, the hiking trail can be a traitor sometimes, with its changing temperatures and terrain!

If you aren’t sure of what to wear for your next hiking trip, here are some wardrobe pointers you should remember!

Layering is your friend

When you’re hiking, you’ll likely experience changing weather conditions. So, it’s essential that you prepare for it!

But how?

With layering, of course! After all, layering your clothes allows you to adapt to the changing weather conditions of the trail!

So how will you layer your clothes?

You can start off with moisture-wicking base layers to keep the sweat away from your body during hot weather. You can then use lightweight fleece or synthetic jackets for your middle layer. This way, you can remove them anytime! And for your final layer, you wear those made of waterproof and breathable material. This way, you’re protected from both the rain and wind!

The right hiking pants

Which is the right pair of pants for a hiking trip? It depends on the weather!

Should you use pants or shorts when hiking?

The answer is: it depends on the weather!

You should use hiking shorts when the weather’s warm. This way, you’ll be more comfortable. But, make sure your shorts are made of lightweight and breathable materials!

And when the temperature drops, hiking pants are your best friends! These protect you from the cold, making it easier for you to hike! Plus, some hiking pants are insulated and waterproof, keeping you warm and dry in the snow!

Your footwear matters

Hiking isn’t hiking without walking! So, it’s important that you wear the right type of shoe!

Many hikers wear hiking boots for tackling rocky terrain and heavy backpacking. But, did you know you can also use sandals?

Yes— walking sandals can be your buddy for your hiking adventures. These are more comfortable and versatile regardless of the season! Plus, these sandals provide you with excellent traction and support while walking, while still allowing your feet to breathe!

Don’t forget your socks!

These may be small, but socks are an essential part of your hiking wardrobe! After all, it can protect your feet in all weather conditions!

So, you should choose moisture-wicking and cushioned socks for your hike. These can help keep your feet comfortable, while preventing blisters

Oh, and don’t forget to bring an extra pair in case yours get lost or wet during the hike!

Accessorize for function

To complete your whole look, why not wear accessories? And it’s better if your accessories are functional for your hike!

For starters, you can wear a wide-brimmed hat or a beanie to protect your head. You can add sunglasses if the sun’s out during your hike, and gloves are essential for hiking trips in the cold!

You can also carry a lightweight backpack to carry your essentials, from first-aid kits to your tumbler to even sunscreen!

Dressing up is fun, but when you’re about to go on a hiking trip, your wardrobe should be all about functionality! With our guide, you’ll definitely have a functional wardrobe for your next hiking trip!

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