Why Roman Glass Jewelry is the Latest Beauty Trend

by Mother Huddle Staff

The ancient Romans pioneered several innovations still in use today, such as roadway systems, aqueducts, and bound books. But there’s something else they invented that many people don’t know much about, and that’s Roman glass. While the Romans made glass that was molded into drinking vessels and vases, you can actually own and wear a piece of ancient history when you buy Roman glass jewelry.

This jewelry is poised to be the latest beauty trend, although it’s never gone out of style. Here’s everything you need to know about Roman glass jewelry and what makes it so special.

What is Roman Glass Jewelry?

Roman glass is 2,000-year-old glass made by the ancient Romans that is excavated from archeological sites in Israel and Mediterranean countries. Most of it used to part of a jug, drinking glass, or vase. What makes Roman glass unique, however, is its color.

The glass usually comes in several shades of blue or green that took exposure to the weather over several centuries to achieve. It can range in any shade from a deep blue to a pale blue or green that is so light it almost looks translucent.

Roman glass also has a multi-faceted luminance to it that makes it sparkle when the light hits it. Its natural beauty quickly made it a popular semi-precious material for jewelry. When set in the center of a pendant, ring, earrings, or another piece, it really captures the light and makes a stunning conversation piece.

Surprisingly Affordable

You may think that glass this old, when used in jewelry, would command a high price. But one of the best things about Roman glass jewelry is that it’s affordable, even when set in sterling silver or gold. It’s not uncommon to find a pair of earrings or a pendant under $100.

The price goes up depending upon the amount of glass used in the piece of jewelry, but even then it won’t break the bank. It’s certainly a more affordable option than buying a semi-precious or precious jewel.

There’s no better way to wear a piece of history. Just think—your Roman glass necklace may have once been part of a vessel that an emperor drank from!

Jewelry That Anyone Can Wear

Roman glass jewelry is timeless and can be worn with a variety of fashion styles. It complements your everyday outfits as well as attire you’re wearing for a special occasion or evening.

Anyone of any age can comfortably wear this type of jewelry, and it will never go out of style.

You Can Find it Everywhere

Another reason Roman glass jewelry is always in fashion is that you can easily find it online. Just do a Google search for it and you’ll find plenty of online jewelry companies that sell it.

Etsy is another good source for Roman glass jewelry—and your best bet for handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Add Roman Glass Jewelry to Your Accessories Arsenal

It’s easy to see why Roman glass jewelry is a fashionable trend. It’s an actual part of history that is beautiful, affordable, and matches anything you decide to wear.

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