Women’s Block Heels – Comfort and Beauty Rolled Into One Pair

by Mother Huddle Staff
Womens Block Heels

Shoes have always been an important wardrobe item. And for most girls, a heel is not just an element of shoes, but a way to change the silhouette of a figure, to make it more slender and fit. But wearing stilettos all the time is extremely inconvenient, so shoes with block heels must appear in the wardrobe. Moreover, these shoes are at the height of fashion today.

Why should one pay attention to this model?

Block heels are popular because they are very comfortable to wear. They are more stable, so the muscles in the legs are less tense. But at the same time, shoes with high block heels visually lengthen the legs and make the silhouette slimmer, no worse than models with stilettos. Plus, wide-heeled shoes are versatile. Designers offer a wide variety of models of such shoes, ranging from classic to sports models.

Block Heels Styles

There are many models of shoes with block heels. The most popular option is to pump with block heels. These shoes look elegant, they look great with clothes in different directions, with the exception of sports style. To make the shoes even more comfortable, the designers came up with shoes with block heels and a platform. In this case, even with a heel height of 12-15 centimeters, the foot will be in a more natural position than in shoes with thin soles. Boat-shaped shoes can also look different. These can be models with a pointed toe or shoes with a rounded toe. In the warm season, pumps with block heels with an open toe, as well as open shoes with a strap instead of a heel or cutouts on the sides, are very popular. Summer sandals made of weave straps are trendy.

For everyday wear or for the office, you can buy shoes with low, block heels. These can be pumps or Mary-Jane models, these are shoes with a round toe and a fastener on a strap located on the instep. Classic Mary-Jane shoes have a low, square heel, but no less popular are models with heels of considerable height, which can be combined with the platform.

Another option is loafers, these are shoes with low, block, square heels. As a rule, loafers are made without a platform, but there are exceptions. These are closed-top shoes that are great for early fall. However, there are also summer models made of perforated leather. It is especially worth highlighting shoes with block heels and tractor soles. Thanks to the pronounced relief on the sole, the models look rough but very stylish.

Most of the block-heeled shoes are casual or office shoes. However, designers also offer evening shoes. First of all, they are distinguished by the materials of manufacture; for the evening it is worth choosing suede or patent leather shoes. In addition, evening models tend to be more graceful. Shoes with cutouts on the sides and with an ankle strap look very cute. Shoes can have a hidden platform and a high enough heel. Evening models and decor differ. If you are choosing shoes for a special occasion, for example, for a prom, then you should purchase a model with rhinestones, decorated with pearls or beads. Bows and artificial flowers are often used as decoration, as well as non-standard decor options – fur, feathers, brushes, etc.


The color of shoes with block heels differs in variety. Designers use both classic and original colors.


The most versatile option is beige shoes with block heels. These shoes go well with clothes in a wide variety of colors. Especially successfully beige shoes fit into summer and spring ensembles made from pastel fabrics, including prints. Shoes with denim clothes and bright dresses in retro style will look great.


Another classic option is black shoes with block heels. These shoes will suit most outfits in bright and neutral colors. Black shoes are visually slim, so this option is well suited for fashionistas with full legs. Black shoes with contrasting trim look smart. For example, black pumps with a red heel and a red bow on the toe are a great model that will look charming with a black cocktail dress and a red evening bag.


Few brides choose block-heeled wedding shoes. However, this shoe option should not be ruled out unambiguously. First, you can pick up a graceful model and wear it with a floor-length dress. In such an outfit, the shoes are practically invisible, and the bride will be comfortable since she will have to spend a lot of time on her feet. Secondly, bridal shoes with block heels are a great choice for a wounded retro-themed wedding. In this case, you should purchase a dress, as well as do your hair and makeup in the style of the 70s.

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