A Guide to Designing Tops

by Mother Huddle Staff
A Guide to Designing Tops

You would be surprised to find out just how popular T-shirt designing is in the creative industry. Everyone wants to put their designs on a t-shirt, from graphic designers to illustrators to anyone looking for ways to sell their designs online. The process can be tedious though if you do not know what to do to get started. This article will provide you with some tips so that you can have designs that give Joseph Ribkoff tops a run for their money. 

Explore Your Concept

When you are busy sketching your design, make sure that you create several variations. This will help you make the best decision for your final design. It is always best to explore more creative options before you make your final judgement. 

Test Your Design

What better way to find out if your concept will work if you cannot imagine it on a t-shirt? You need to find a way to print out your design and test it out. This is a great way to see your work at actual size and to determine what needs to be improved with the design and measurements. 

Work on The Details

Although details are important and can help your brand stand out, you shouldn’t put too many details. Doing that can warp your concept and make it impossible to execute it. If you look around your closet you will probably realize that some of your most favorite tips have little to no artworks on them. Keeping things simple can be the best marketing strategy for your idea. 

Think of Your Target Audience

Who are you designing for? Are your t-shirts and other items gender-specific or are they gender-neutral? Is your target market young people or the middle-aged mom who will wear your t-shirt to soccer practice on Saturday mornings? At the end of the day, the purpose of your designs is to have people wearing them, so make sure that you explore your concept with that in mind. 

Find a Good Printer

Once you have decided on a design and considered your market, you have probably visualized the types of colors that you will print your tops in. So the next step is sourcing out an exceptional printer or company that can print for you. The kind of printer that you use matters because factors such as size, weight, labeling options, and costs can affect your end product. You may spend a bit of time doing research on different printing facilities until you find the one that meets your requirements and budget. 

Research the Market

Once you have done everything to ensure that your concept can be executed, you need to research your market before selling your designs. This will provide you with sufficient market research to see what you may need to improve your concept. Find ways to influence trends with your designs as a way to stay ahead of the game. You can do this by learning the context of the subculture phenomena that gave rise to t-shirts. 

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