Best Fish for Kids That Will Have Them Wanting Seconds!

by Mother Huddle Staff

Picky eater? No problem.

Fish can be a tricky food to get kids to enjoy. Some varieties can just be so…fishy. However, others can be just as popular with your kids as chicken nuggets or pizza.

It’s not always the flavor that’s the issue when it comes to fish. Sometimes it’s the fear of mercury levels in certain fish that gives parents pause. But fish also has a lot of proteins, minerals, and iron so it’s part of a healthy diet.

Read on to find the best fish for kids’ palates and learn how you can serve these in kid-friendly ways.

Three of the Best Fish for Kids

1. Tilapia

Tilapia has a mild taste that many kids love. It’s also a good source of calcium and antioxidants.

Look for Tilapia that was raised in the United States, as those from Asian and Latin American countries are poorly regulated.

This website,, lets you easily order Tilapia and other seafood varieties.

2. Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout is another option that has a mild flavor and a soft texture for kids who are picky about their food’s consistency.

It’s also an excellent source of protein and vitamin B.

3. Wild Salmon

This fish is popular amongst families because it’s full of vitamins and it’s simple to prepare in various ways.

Don’t confuse wild salmon with farmed salmon, the latter poses more risks because of the way they are raised.

How to Serve It

Now that you know what types of fish are the safest to consume let’s look into the various ways you can prepare them.

In Patty Form

Popular amongst kids, fish patties are similar to chicken patties and will make even the pickiest of eaters happy. Try mixing the flaked fish in with mashed potatoes and breadcrumbs and then pan fry.

The result is a light, flaky texture that blends in seamlessly with the mashed potatoes, resulting in a quick easy meal that your little ones will love.

Serve in a bun or by itself with some veggies on the side. Carrot sticks with a dipping sauce make an excellent companion for this dish.

In Tacos

Who doesn’t love tacos? This is one of the simpler ways to prepare fish for your child because you can simply grill or bake it. Then cut it in strips, put it in a hard or soft taco shell and serve with your little one’s favorite toppings.

You can even bread them and panfry if you prefer them to have more crunch.

As Breaded Fish Sticks

Another favorite, fish sticks are a classic for a reason. Make your own by cutting your fish into strips, coating in egg and bread crumbs and then panfrying.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even make your own dipping sauces.

Try Out These Recipes Today

Fish can be scary to some kids (and adults). But now that you know some of the best fish for kids’ appetites, you’ll be able to make the best choice for your family. Picky eaters and all.

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