Getting Ready for a Car Travel with Your Kid

by Mother Huddle Staff
Getting Ready for a Car Travel with Your Kid-min

A trip with saddlers can tire more than the whole working semester – during the trip to the sea bored kids wear out the parents on a full program. No trip is complete without extensive preparation and tips which we describe in this article.

Safety first

The most important thing to remember is the child’s safety in the car. It is essential to check whole car scanning and diagnostics, check on airbags and have the auto electrical services passed. If you are not sure your car is safe – the best option would be a rental car. All rental services provide vehicles that need no car repair and can provide you helping hand in a form of car repairing service center along the way. There you can pick up a car with a higher safety class.

The first rule for the safety of children in the car is to block the doors and windows so the child does not fall out of the car. Check its functionality. Even if your child has never tried to open the door before.

Pay special attention to the safety of the cabin and the comfort of the child’s seat or cradle.

The seat mustn’t be newly purchased. New straps may be uncomfortable and tight, and upholstery material may be too stiff and have an unfamiliar smell.

What to take with you

In addition to the piles of thing needed for travel, you need to make sure that the child feels comfortable :

To prevent children in the back seat from suffering from the sun install curtains on the side windows. In addition, children may wear sunglasses (when traveling in bright sunshine) and a hat. A headpiece is necessary so that the child’s hair is not magnetized and tangled due to constant friction on the child’s seat. Girls’ long hair for the day is better to braid into loose braids.

Take a light blanket or a blanket for your baby’s feet – shoes and socks should be removed so they don’t chafe or sting. It is always important to have toilet paper and a large pack of wet wipes – sometimes you have to wipe not only your hands but also your feet after a walk.

Scratch balm and insect bite gel – mosquitoes get in the car. Several garbage bags – if passengers snack in the car, garbage accumulates very quickly and must be thrown away regularly.

Vomit bags – you never know how a child’s body will behave after a big breakfast on the road.

An important detail in the interior of the car for the trip, which has the many pockets. The organizer can make the trip. Its use does not depend on the age of your child. Especially useful if your child is more or less conscious of age and is a capable and almost independent citizen who wants everything to be near playful little hands.

If your child is fussy about food, take with you what he likes. For example, you can brew his favorite porridge in a thermocouple in advance or prepare homemade baby food by blending nutritious ingredients and conveniently storing it in reusable baby pouches for an easy on-the-go use.. Stock up on pleasant snacks to choose from. You can take a gas burner with you on the road and cook with it during picnic stops.

If you plan to spend the night, put your overnight bag in advance and place it in the trunk on top of your other belongings. It must contain hygiene items – toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, creams, towels, pajamas, or nightgowns.

A stroller, diapers, and diapers for small kids should also be easily accessible in the trunk.

And don’t forget about toys! But don’t take any little things like constructors or toy soldiers, they are difficult to play with in a moving vehicle. Take 1-2 favorite soft toys, coloring, or finger painting, older children can tell you what exactly they want to take. It could be even your dog.

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