5 Parenting Solutions For Parents With Multiple Kids

by Mother Huddle Staff
Parenting Solutions For Parents With Multiple Kids

A common parenting term describes the life of parents to the dot – “household chaos.” Every parent can relate to it. Homes with children are a blessing, but the chaotic kind. Children can set a whole house into a playground if they are not given a set of rules.

It’s not considered a healthy environment when screaming, raising voices, and having no routine becomes normal in a home with children. So, poor home management can lead to poor academic outcomes and health in the long run for everyone in the family. This article will provide effective parenting solutions for parents with multiple children.

Why is Parenting So Hard?

Taking care of a newborn to raising little monkeys affects parents’ physical and mental health. That’s the first reason why parenting is super hard. Add multiple kids to the scene; it’s double the effect. Nonstop running around, messy floors, and mealtime tantrums makes the everyday responsibilities of parents very hard.

Underdeveloped Brain

The prime reason parents find it difficult to handle multiple kids is that they must constantly deal with little humans with underdeveloped brains. Simply put, kids’ behaviors are not meant to be aligned with adults’ expectations. All parents have dealt with some scenarios – removing gum from clothes or cleaning up milk-filled carpets. You can’t blame them for trying to observe their surroundings and being curious. They often explore things around them by hampering others, of course, not intentionally. They just don’t have the developmental ability to follow instructions as their parents would like them to.

Children ask questions to learn about things, and there can be a million of them can be in a day. Now being understanding is easy for parents when their children are toddlers, but it does get harder when children have crossed that toddler phase. Sometimes, it’s just harder to respond gently to children because it’s not a one-time thing.

Being Organized is Key

Parents must be on their toes as long as their children are wide awake. However, for people who like to be spontaneous, it’s relatively easier to cope with the demands of multiple kids. The secret is being organized, be it your home, your child’s routine, or just life in general. Having a mindset to have a plan for everything and implement it truly does wonders in the parenting world.

Keep in mind that we are different beings in terms of personality and priority, and it is not any different for kids. You have to work on a suitable plan for you and your family.

Being organized can mean many things to people. Being organized as a parent means having mealtime prepped and manageable morning and bedtime routines. It shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out what your children need help with for them to calm down. Spot the issues that are bothering you, and take action accordingly.

We have put together a set of five parenting solutions that you may consider to improve your parenting styles for multiple children.

1.  Follow Routine Strictly

Heads up – you need a diary for this. Or craft a routine on your computer, whichever works for you. Think about their routine, is it healthy? Remember, toddlers and infants need more sleep than kids over three years.

How much time do they all need to do basic everyday things like a shower, eat, get dressed for school, etc.? And now compare it to how much time you have in hand to attend to their daily care needs. Work backward, and write down mealtimes. Everyone in the family must be obliged to follow the mealtimes strictly.

If your older kids stay in school for longer hours, use that time to attend to your toddler’s needs, like shower and naps. Make sure you leave recess times for yourself; otherwise, you won’t be able to pull this off in the long run. The routine has to be flexible and practical at the same time.

2.  Stop Attending To Everything

As a parent, you feel the need to attend to every little demand your children make. Stop, and filter unimportant things out. Trying to juggle too many chores and responsibilities will frustrate you further. If you feel dropping your child to football practices every day is a hassle, make him go three times a day. Or skip that playdate for your infant that will allow you the time to rest. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

3.  Don’t Compare

The most natural thing for parents is to compare their children with others. You need to remind yourself that every child is different. Sometimes parents also compare their own children with each other, which is also unfair. Stop keeping tabs on an idealistic child. Yes, you can talk to your baby’s pediatrician if you have any concerns, but don’t let silly comparisons take the better of you. Plus, comparing your children also confuses them into thinking that you like your friend’s child more than yours. They start to feel insecure and feel obliged to be like someone you admire.

4.  Prioritize What’s Important

Parenting is a 24-hour job, regardless of how many children you have. As a result, the house becomes a total mess for most parents. If noise bothers you, work on initiating and spending quiet time with your children. Offer them books, arts, and craft supplies to sit in a corner and get creative. For noisy play, let them go outdoors, in your backyard, or to your nearest neighborhood park. Minimize their screen times to cancel out the noise factor at home. Declutter, and eliminate unimportant things that you feel will clear your space.

5.   Delegate responsibility

Get help. Don’t try to add more eggs to your basket.  If you are lucky to get help from your family members, don’t feel guilty to seek their support in raising your children. Send your kids to their grandparents for the weekend, or let your siblings come over to babysit while you indulge in “me-time.”

Having another member to pick kids up from school takes off the mental load of running around like a headless chicken.


Home is supposed to be a safe place for you and your children. You must opt for parenting solutions when struggling to cope with your children’s needs and demands.

There are no right or wrong steps when it comes to parenting. You have to allow yourself to try out different approaches and figure out which works best for you and your children.


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