Tips on Getting Your Child Interested In Art

by Mother Huddle Staff
Tips on Getting Your Child Interested In Art

Do you remember when your teacher asked you to draw something for your class? Or when you went to an art museum or sculpture park? It must have been exciting creating and seeing art for the first time. And today’s crayon-wielding kids are the next generation of collectors, artists, and curators.

So if you want to get your kid interested in art, below are some tips your child can get interested in it.

Let Their Minds Wander

If you’ve ever been in art class, there must have been a time when the teacher introduced a project and explained the guidelines and procedure for the project. It’s easy for adults to follow instructions. But it’s not the same with kids.

If you want to introduce art to kids, let them try it hands-on and let them discover what they can do with the art material you’ve given. Letting their minds wander will let their imagination run wild and make them more interested in art.

Take them to Museums

One of the best places to introduce art to your kids is museums. But it’s essential that you not overwhelm them by forcing them to experience every exhibit. Let your kid explore on their own. Get them interested by asking them questions and talking to them about the pieces they are interested in.

When you get to the museum, go to the gift shop first, and let your kid pick out a postcard featuring one of the exhibits. Then try to find it together with your kid. This gives them a fun memory and makes discovering art more personal and exciting.

Stock up on Craft Supplies

Because of their wild imagination, kids are masters in found-object art, which means they can turn anything into an unusual project. Just ensure they have basic art materials like paper, glue, and paint. Even empty boxes and markers are enough for kids to create their make-believe museums.

Create Sculptures from Public Art

Sculptures can offer a unique, hands-on experience to kids. And makes art an essential and permanent part of their life. If you want to introduce it to them, public parks are often a swell place to start since people often place sculptures and paint murals in such areas. You can try to let your kids observe these pieces of art and ask them what they think.

Ask what fascinates them about the sculpture. And if there is anything they can do to improve it. Then, when you go home, let them explore by using mediums like clay. Also, don’t be afraid to share your opinions and insights with your kids. Doing so will let your kid share their thoughts with you.

Work Together

It would be best for you to work beside your kid and start a group project. If the artwork is a little over their head, but you know they’ll like and will love to take on the challenge, you can take on the difficult steps and let your kid do the fun ones and decorations. You need to be patient with their unique touches on your group project so they can build their confidence.

You could also download free coloring pages for adults and kids. There are plenty of coloring pages online that you can download and print on any paper that can work on any medium. You can even choose the size, thickness, and type of paper and experiment with markers, pencils, and watercolors to create stunning artwork.


Art is one of the best things you can teach your kids. But getting them interested in it can be a little tricky. So if you know anyone who wants to get their kid interested in art, sharing this article should help.



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