Ultimate Gift Guide For The Workaholic You Know

by Jenna G
Ultimate Gift Guide For The Workaholic You Know

Having a workaholic in your life feels like a blessing and a curse at the same time. Half of the time you spend with them, you are trying to figure out how their brain even functions. However, workaholics are simply people who enjoy spending their time doing useful and productive things. Have you ever met a lazy workaholic? Of course, you don’t. There are no lazy workaholics since they are too occupied to be lazy. The moment you realize that you cannot change a workaholic and that they are high on work, you will seek ways to help them function better without burning themselves down. So, we have come up with a list of the ultimate gifts you can give to workaholics. Here it comes. 

Nice and Cozy Blanket 

Even though their brains have a supreme pattern of functioning, truth be said, workaholics need rest as well. A lot of work is known to cause a lot of stress and tension in the muscles and bones. So, giving them something soft, cuddly, and warm will ensure them a couple of moments of comfort and peace. Some brands, such as Casper Weighted Blanket, are stress-relieving blankets that will help you fall asleep easily and will help your favorite workaholic get well-deserved sleep. 

Block Blue Light Items 

If your workaholic friend spends a lot of time in front of the screen or is exposed to some kind of light, then giving them blue light blockers is a must. There are many negative effects of blue light, and the ones threatening your eyes are by far the worst. So, instead of giving the themes some figurines and decorations that will stand on their desk, it is much more useful to give them blue light protective glasses. However, you will need to bear in mind that there are different levels of protection from the blue rays during the daytime and at night. Just as the folks at Block Blue Light suggest, different periods of time require different levels of protection so that all the levels of these rays can be filtered and blocked. Workaholics are known to spend a lot of time in front of the screen, and giving them something with benefits that contributes to reducing headaches caused by screen use can also help them reduce symptoms known as eye fatigue and digital eye strain. 

Gift Guide For The Workaholic You Know

Cell Phone Jail 

You might be wondering if there is a need for such a gift. However, workaholics are people as well, and they are not resistant to temptation in the form of social media and content they can find on their phones. The rest is simple mathematics. If they spend less time scrolling through their lives and lose focus, then they will have more time to rest once their job is finished. So, one of the best ways to keep all of your distractions away is to jail your phone. Also, giving something as goofy as the phone jail can be absolutely genius and will make your favorite workaholic’s working space pop with good humor. 

Self Care Calendars

One of the biggest flaws that every single workaholic possesses is self-neglect. They usually forget about their own needs and purposefully postpone them so that they can meet the deadlines. So, reminding them of being living humans will considerably help them to put themselves first from time to time. It is the reason why self-care calendars were created. These have small schedules implemented and will gracefully remind workaholics to focus on self-care as well. The good thing about these is the ability to custom-make them. You can put in items as small as skin care products or go a step further and plan out their meal schedule. 

Keep Them Hydrated 

Truth be said, workaholics tend to have a number of concerning behaviors and habits that can severely influence their lives. First and foremost, their eating patterns are as concerning as their sleeping patterns, and they even forget to drink water. We all know how dehydration can influence our bodies and that our brains cannot function without receiving enough liquid. So, giving them smart water bottles will at least remind them to drink water on time, which can make them temporarily refreshed.

People who work hard a lot hold special places in everyone’s lives and demand to be treated right and with special care. Because they don’t have enough time to do it themselves, investing some time to find them a gift that will help them function and bring them comfort will mean the world to them. 

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