Hacks that will Make your Home Suit your Lifestyle

by Mother Huddle Staff
Hacks that will Make your Home Suit your Lifestyle

Do you feel as though your home isn’t as suited to your lifestyle as it could be? If so then now is the time for you to make a change. If you don’t know where to start then the only thing you have to do is take a look below.

Throw out your Magazines and Declutter 

The first thing you need to do is throw out your magazines. A lot of people use home magazines to try and find inspiration for their home’s decor. Although this can be useful, you are just imitating someone else’s home design. If you want to do something about this then make sure that you declutter and that you give yourself a clean slate to work with. You need to make sure that your home suits you and the lifestyle you live. The best way to do this would be for you to embrace what you love, rather than what other people say looks good. If you can do this then you are bound to see a huge improvement overall.

Multifunctionality is your Friend

You don’t always live in your home in the same way. Your routine might change from one day to the next. For this reason, you need to embrace multifunctionality as much as possible. Make sure that your space feels cozy enough to suit you, but at the same time, make sure that you have enough space and seating to have everyone around. Practice multifunctionality too, by bringing practicality and aesthetics together. If you have a storage chest then this is great at helping you to avoid clutter. With that in mind, it also acts as a nice coffee table. By embracing the two, you can go for the style you want while making sure that you are never compromising functionality.

Create Intimacy

A lot of people think that if you want to entertain a large group of people, you need to have a large living space. This isn’t the case at all. In fact, it’s very easy for you to create a good atmosphere, even if you have a small space. The one thing you need to focus on is creating intimacy. Break up your larger rooms into various sitting areas and add a layer of coziness when it comes to your design choices. Soft textures, relaxed materials and plush cushions are the way to go here, so try and focus on them as much as possible. If you don’t feel as though your home is intimate enough or if you can’t seem to make anything work then one thing you can do is look into types of transportable homes.

Don’t Worry about Matching

When the time comes for you to decorate, you may get into the habit of making everything match. This can limit your options when it comes to the wider style and ambience of things. Sometimes, rooms don’t match perfectly and this can work. They can give you a lot of flexibility and this can again lead back to the multifunctionality aspect mentioned above. This is even more important when it comes to seating. Don’t worry about having a matching suite in every single room you have. Instead, think about bringing together different sofas and chairs so you can create a unique space that truly feels like yours.

Add some Personal Touches

Personal touches are the best way for you to make your house feel like a home. Whether it comes in the form of family photographs, having walls painted in your favorite color or even accents, it’s important to know that things like this help to add the finishing touches to your home, which can help to take things to that next level.

Allow your Home to Change

Houses are for living in. They aren’t just for looking at. The best home designs are those that can change with time. As a result of this, they become more beloved. Don’t be afraid to change things up and update your living space as you feel your requirements change. Remember that a good house is like a pair of shoes. It will look beautiful from day one, but with that in mind, you still need to break them in. 

Think about What you Need

If you are a busy professional then there’s a chance you need a home office. With that in mind, you also need a relaxing space where you can unwind after work. This could mean that you invest in a comfortable sofa for your living room and that you also get some mood lighting. If you have kids however then an open plan with as little furniture as possible could work. You may need an office area, but this is more of a space for them to do their homework and their projects. Things like this will help you to always feel relaxed in your space, rather than constantly trying to make things work. Having dedicated spaces also allows you to fulfill your life needs, which is so important.

Think about Chores

If you only have one meal a day at home then you might not need a dishwasher. If you have kids and work from home however then you’ll probably be having three meals at home, and this can result in a lot of washing up. If you’re an avid cook then having a selection of spices may be a good idea. As a result of this, you may want to get a spice rack. Hanging your pans on an overhead beam may also be a good storage option. Little things like this can make your life easier as you can get chores done faster and easier. Just make sure that you give some thought to your lifestyle before you go ahead and make some changes though. If you don’t then you may be pushing your home design further away from what you’re looking for, and this is the last thing you need. For example, having spice racks when you don’t cook with spices may take valuable kitchen space away from things you do need, such as wine glass storage if you’re an avid red wine lover.


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