How to Help a Senior Loved One Choose a New Car

by Mother Huddle Staff
How to Help a Senior Loved One Choose a New Car

Cars. It’s the mode of transport we rely on most to get us from A to B. When we take to the roads, drivers of all ages can be found behind the steering wheel. However, our driving skills and reflexes may begin deteriorating as we age. If you have a senior loved one who drives, there are important considerations to think about, especially if they’re on the hunt for a new vehicle.

With your assistance, your aging parent or other loved one can find a suitable car for their needs. Here are some steps to take to do that today.

Concentrate On Safety

Of course, your aging loved one’s safety behind the wheel will be your top priority. While you cannot be in the passenger seat all the time, you can help them pick a car with excellent safety ratings. This information can be found online or in print for free. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is in charge of evaluating new vehicles and rating them using a 5-star scale. The 5-star rated models are the ones you should pay attention to the most.

Look for Discounts

If your senior loved one is a member of AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), they may be able to save money on their car insurance. Some companies have AARP auto insurance programs that provide exclusive car insurance rewards and rates for members. However, when it comes to car insurance, the cost you pay depends on factors like your gender, location, and most importantly, age. Therefore, your senior loved one may want to consider joining an AARP program, which could be financially rewarding.

Look for Senior-Friendly Features

When searching for a car for a senior loved one, there are some assistance features you should check out. These include parking sensors, reverse cameras, and voice recognition navigation systems. Thanks to technology, such features can make getting around much easier for your loved one. Other senior-friendly features include blind-spot detection, adaptive cruise control, and adaptive lighting.

Comfort is Key

As your loved one ages, their mobility won’t be like it once was. Therefore, paying attention to comfort is a necessity when car shopping. First, you need to ensure the vehicle’s seats are comfortable. If your loved one has back problems, pick a car with lumbar support, as this can make a massive difference. Also, make sure the steering wheel can be adjusted, so your loved one has a full view of the road ahead.

Think About Access

Some seniors purchase a new car only to find they struggle to get in and out of it. While your loved one may have their eyes on a flashy sports car, if they have accessibility issues, it’s wise to stick with an SUV. These cars are at a height where most people can easily get into and out of the seat.

If your senior loved one is on the hunt for a new car, being by their side every step of the way is essential. This is because there are lots to consider, and if your loved one feels more vulnerable as they’ve got older, they may feel pressured into buying a car that’s not right for them. But, with your help, they can drive off into the sunset in a safe, comfortable, and senior-friendly car.

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