6 of the Most Dangerous Kitchen Products of the Last Year

by Mother Huddle Staff
6 of the Most Dangerous Kitchen Products of the Last Year

Dangerous kitchen products lead to many devastating injuries every year. While anyone who has used a sharp knife or a hot stovetop knows that kitchens can be dangerous places, certain kitchen products are much more likely to harm you. Knowing which products are particularly dangerous is the first step in keeping you safe in the kitchen. To ensure your safety, here are six of the most dangerous kitchen products of the last year that you should avoid:

1. Oyster Shucking Knives

Oysters are infamously frustrating food to prepare, cook, and (in many peoples’ opinions) make taste good. The most infuriating part of making these shellfish ready for cooking is shucking them. Their tough, often slippery shells make them hazardous for whoever is opening them. Oyster shucking knives are intended to help you easily and safely open oysters, but they are difficult to wield, and this has made them linked to many cuts, punctures, and other injuries. Finding a less sharp instrument to get to the tasty meat within oysters can help you stay safe and satisfied.

2. Whipped Cream Dispensers

Whipped cream dispensers are a complex item, as they are now being used both for culinary use, and recreational use to get a sort of “high.” The dangers of a whipped cream dispenser apply to both of these potential uses. The highly-concentrated nitrous oxide within the canisters can explode if improperly handled or placed in the wrong conditions. In terms of recreational use, the health side effects of participating in this activity are unclear but seem dangerous enough to stay away from if you care about your physical and mental health. If you or someone you love has been harmed by a whipped cream dispenser that was faulty, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers will be able to tell you if you have a case.

3. Box Graters

While grated cheese is delicious, and the process of using a box grater is often heavily satisfying, they can easily slice up your skin if you suddenly slip while using them. Many ER patients come in with freshly sliced layers of flesh, and they all regret their choice not to simply buy grated cheese. If you continue using this dangerous product, it’s crucial that you make sure to wear gloves, and that you use the product exactly as it’s intended to be used. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a state of pain that you’ll not soon forget. Knowing your kitchen safety tips is crucial for staying safe.

4. Shish Kebab Skewers

Shish kebabs are a delicious treat, especially during the summer grilling season. If you like to mix your delicious grilled vegetables, meats, and other tasty treats onto a stylish spear, you’re almost certain to own a few shish kebab skewers. That being said, if you do not handle these sharp instruments correctly, they can lead to serious, and even deadly, injuries. The length of the skewer, and the sharpness of the point, can cause you to be pierced in a gory, frightening manner. Depending on where the skewer hits you, you might find yourself irreversibly damaged. For this reason, be super cautious when cooking up, preparing, and presenting shish kebab feasts during this upcoming summer grilling season.

5. Deep Fat Fryers

If you love delicious fatty foods, you’re likely to own a deep-fat fryer. The fact that you’re dealing with large quantities of hot, boiling grease makes the process of cooking with a deep fat fryer satisfying, but also incredibly dangerous. Not only can spills cause severe burns, but if you use a deep fat fryer improperly, you might find your pot going up in flames. Burns, and even fires that take down homes, are commonly linked to deep fat fryers. When using this common cooking appliance, it’s critical that you take extreme care to do so in a safe, consistent, and finessed manner.

6. Mandolines

Mandolines are incredibly sharp and have been one of the most common causes of nasty cuts that land their users in the emergency room. Severed fingers are commonly associated with mandolines, and this has given the utensil a bad reputation. Even those mandolines that come with safety guards are often linked to horrible injuries, making them just as dangerous as the non-guarded mandolines. If you’re using a mandoline currently, it may be time to consider an alternative tool to help you stay effective and sharp in the kitchen.

Stay Safe and Delicious

Delicious, satisfying, home-cooked meals are fantastic. But knowing how to prepare a solid meal without harming yourself or your kitchen is critical. With the knowledge you’ve gained here, you’ll have a better chance of avoiding a messy accident that was otherwise completely avoidable. If you’re a solid chef, you’ll easily improvise and replace these dangerous kitchen products with ones that will keep you safe.

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