Pillow Safety For Infants

by Mother Huddle Staff
Pillow Safety For Infants

There are many questions about when to give baby a pillow or blanket when they are newborns. The conventional wisdom states that after the age of two, it is safer to place items like pillows or blankets in the baby’s crib with them. There are many resources available to the parents of newborns who want to keep their children safe when they are sleeping in their cribs.

Pillows do have some usefulness and should not be completely banned from a baby’s life. As long as certain guidelines are followed, they can be safe in some instances.

Pillow safety for newborns and infants

Now that you know that it’s not safe to put pillows into your child’s crib while they are sleeping, you may be wondering about other times and places. There are a few different types of pillows that are OK to use with an infant who is under their parents’ supervision. Let’s review.

  • In their car seats, many infants enjoy having a U-shaped pillow around their necks when they are in their car seats. Not only do these pillows provide support, but they can also increase the comfort of your child. Many children dislike riding in car seats, but having a pillow for support can make this activity more comfortable and less stressful.
  • While enjoying free playtime, allowing an infant free playtime when they move around unassisted is an important part of their physical and cognitive development. Not only will this help to expand their natural curiosity, but it will also help them to better process their surroundings.
  • During the period when they are learning to sit, babies experience many milestones during their first years. Two of them are closely related – sitting and crawling. Developing the muscles that are necessary for these activities requires movement. It also requires them to remain upright. Before the muscles that are needed for this task are fully ready, a sitting pillow can help. This type of pillow allows them to remain in an upright position which, in turn, helps with muscle development.

All in all, pillows can be a useful resource for infants. As long as they are not placed in their crib with them or within reach when they aren’t being actively supervised, they are OK. Learning about such topics as pillow safety is just one of the many things that parents of newborns need to do. Staying informed is an important and effective way to keep babies, infants, and children safe!

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