Beauty Benefits of Honey, Silver, & Silk Masks in Your Skincare

by Mother Huddle Staff
Beauty Benefits of Honey, Silver, & Silk Masks in Your Skincare

We love a good face mask and most skincare enthusiasts will agree so do they. There are some immediately noticeable changes when you peel that mask off that can make us smile. Softer skin, a little glow, and minimized pores are just a few benefits to name. 

That’s why we need to take a closer look at the benefits of honey, silver, and silk masks. Let’s talk about why we ended them in our weekly skincare routines. 

Honey Masks and All Their Benefits

Honey is something that we love in our tea, but as of recently, we are even more about it for skincare trends. Despite feeling sticky, it can be the answer you have been looking for when treating acne and having softer skin. Don’t be afraid to look at products like honey-based shampoo & conditioner as well. All-around honey is worth incorporating in our beauty routines.

Heals Wounds

We have all been told once or twice by the dermatologist not to pop our pimples. And for good reason, as it creates scarring and bleeding. Honey, interestingly enough, has been used since ancient civilization as a topical for healing ulcers, burns, and other open wounds. That doesn’t mean we should go crazy with the squeezing, but it does work to provide healing and relief. 

Natural Acne Treatment

Honey has a lot of properties that naturally kill bacteria. While there aren’t studies yet concluding that honey is a true acne solution, the bacteria it kills are contributors to clogged pores. That’s why honey is also being used to treat wounds because it has a lot of disinfecting properties that prevent infection and disease. This active ingredient is called hydrogen peroxide. Some honeys have stronger amounts than others. 

Softer Skin All-Around

Acting as a moisturizer is another great benefit of a honey face mask. Smoother, softer-looking skin is always a goal, and since honey helps remove dead skin are, glands may not get as clogged up and oily. In turn, this results and just the right amount of oil production and gives us that smooth and soft feel. 

Silver Masks

Silver Face Mask

Silver has become quite the hype where it concerns getting a younger and blemish-free face. If you are hearing it for the first time, you may be scratching your head. Turns out silver has a home in the skincare market. Let’s see why. 

What is Colloidal Silver? 

Colloidal silver has tiny silver particles in liquid that is used for health benefits. It has a lot of different pluses, including its effective treatment for wounding. So effective that it was put in creams that were used in the royal kingdom because of its benefits. 

Age Reversal

Colloidal silver has the ability to get rid of harmful free radicals or toxins that age are skin. These create creases, fine lines, and wrinkles. When you use silver in your skin care you reduce dark circles, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and give you brighter-looking skin. It also plays a role in stimulating collagen synthesis which contributes to youthful skin. 

Tissue Repair

Silver is potent in antioxidant particles which is a serious help with tissue repair. These antioxidants shield the skin from cellular DNA damage. Typically having sun damage is one skin issue that results in DNA damage that can be managed through silver. 

Silk Masks

Because we have now gotten used to wearing face masks to protect us from illness, we are now seeing a number of skin problems arise. From breakouts to dried skin, face masks have a way of blocking our skin from breathing naturally. But silk has been introduced as a solution. Here’s why.

Saving Sensitive Skin

Silk is naturally a hypoallergenic material that provides cooling properties. This helps reduce inflammation that you make get from the constant friction your face would normally encounter with cotton. Since it’s also softer the friction is less severe causing less “maskne” or acne from the mask. It also is a mask that doesn’t clog pores like other masks do. This is because it absorbs less moisture and in tern your skin won’t dry out either! 

Getting With The Trends

Skincare trends are both exciting and scary. The last thing anyone wants to do is trying something new that completely disrupts their routine and creates more harm then good. But there is also a reason why the beauty industry does so well. The interesting thing about honey, silver, and silk, is that they actually are new trends with old habits. All of them have been used in traditional medicine with medical benefits. Transferring that to skincare has seem some of the same benefits. 

Honey and silver have a lot of the same antioxidant behaviors that keep skin feeling soft and refreshed. Treating acne with either of these properties can be a solution as they fight free radicals and get rid of dead skin. Silk on the other hand is a solution to face masks made from cotton that has been causing acne. 

Silk doesn’t necessarily provide treatment when it happens but rather can be a preventive measure. Silk has anti-friction properties and can limit irritations. It also just feels great on your skin as opposed to rougher cotton. So, give these three skincare trends a shoutout in your skincare routine to change it up

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