Interesting Trending Skincare Tools For Wrinkle Free Skin in 2023-24

by Mother Huddle Staff
Interesting Trending Skincare Tools For Wrinkle Free Skin in 2023-24

There are millions of skincare products, and in the last year, skincare trends have grown more popular. Those trends included the addition of cannabidiol (CBD) to products and drinkable collagen. But what about at-home skincare tools?

One of the more important considerations when buying new skincare tools should be knowing that you need to use them consistently. It doesn’t work miracles when you use it once, twice, or three times. Instead, you must incorporate it into your routine and ensure that you continue using it daily to get the intended results.

A mindset shift to more organic, natural skincare and using plant-based ingredients seems to be on the rise, so we can expect to see those types of skincare products shine in the next year or two. But, of course, there are also environmental factors that drive skin trends, such as the stress of the pandemic. So here are some trending skincare tools you can look for to boom in 2023 to 2024.

Microcurrent Facial Tool

Electric stimulation for your facial muscles to boost collagen production and give you a more lifted appearance is fantastic for this next year. You will be amazed how, after using one, like the NuFace Trinity Pro, your face will show firmer and glowing skin.

The best part about this product is the ability to use it at home instead of spending a ton going to the spa for a facial. A microcurrent facial device incorporated into your facial routine will work on those wrinkles and help you maintain plumper-looking skin.

Facial Steamer

Those suffering from clogged pores need to find something beneficial to smooth out their faces. Enter the Vanity Planet Aira Facial Steamer, where you can feel confident tackling all that built-up dirt, oil, and grime on your face. It can be conducive if you live in a bigger city to remove the day’s layers of dirt before cleansing. It also boasts that you’ll see firmer skin, but your pores will be smaller in appearance. 

Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tools

Let’s face it: our emotions sometimes show up dramatically on our faces. Tension and stress represent themselves with wrinkles around our eyes and mouth and across our foreheads. Investing in a jade roller and gua sha tools, such as the Jade Trio Balancing Set, gives you the benefits of this traditional Chinese beauty technique to de-puff swollen areas and massage your face. 

These tools are seeing a spike in popularity since they are entirely natural stones, so you aren’t applying anything to your face. Instead, they reduce redness, scarring, and potential signs of aging to relax the tension on your facial muscles and help you keep a youthful, healthy glow.


Microneedling is an offered service of many spas, but it’s not something we can afford as frequently as needed. Dermarolling is an at-home tool that works like micro-needling, helping your skincare products absorb and penetrate more fully into your face. 

The BeautyBio GloPRO Regeneration Tool has tiny needles that you simply glide across your face. Then when you apply your expensive serums and moisturizers, you’ll be sure you get your money’s worth.

LED Light Therapy Masks and Wands

Who knew that light therapy could work wonders to change your skin? Red light therapy has been proven to boost collagen by stimulating production, and blue light therapy kills bacteria on your skin’s surface to ensure that you have fewer wrinkles, less build-up, and your face shines. 

There are a few skincare tools with light therapy, from an LED full-face mask to a light therapy wand made by Solawave. The devices use wavelengths of light to stimulate changes and penetrate your skin. The at-home tools help you stay consistent with it so you can be sure to see results.

Silicone Facial Scrubbers and Cleansers

Silicon Facial Scrubber

Forget those replaceable scrubber brush heads on your old tools. Many of them are too rough on your skin, anyway. Instead, silicon has paved the way for gentle cleansing and scrubbing of your face to ensure your products penetrate deep and do their job. Everyone understands that the key to attacking wrinkles is to keep your skin clean and free from bacteria. 

The other great thing about these silicon scrubbers, such as the Finishing Touch Flawless Cleanse Silicone Face Scrubber and Cleanser, is that they have multiple settings. So it massages your face and cleans it at the same time.

Ionic Wands

Brighter skin and vitamin c serum to give your skin less pigmentation and stimulate more collagen production for fewer wrinkles? Heck yes! Ionic wands are breaking into the skincare regime to bring you a longer-lasting glow, neutralizing free radicals and even removing sunspots. 

This ionic skincare wand from Georgia Louise C helps refine your skin for multiple anti-aging benefits. It claims to help prevent fine lines and wrinkles and comes with pure Vitamin C serum that gets actively ‘charged’ with each application.


Getting botox on face

Yes, botox is and most likely will still hold a place in facial skincare trends. Peachy’s NYC botox service is explicitly designed to prevent wrinkles on your face. In addition, there are multiple advantages to receiving botox treatment besides wrinkles, such as helping with migraines, relieving muscle tension in the face, and even combating allergy symptoms.

There are undeniable results that come from botox; the only downside is you have to continue to go back and receive treatments. In the coming years, hopefully, top cosmetic doctors can discover a way to improve botox treatments to last years instead of weeks to months.

New Skincare Tool Trends Will Continue

With so many of us willing to try new skincare tools that help prevent signs of aging, it’s no surprise that these tools have all started to increase in popularity. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic paved the way for people to start practicing more self-care and taking time to care for their skin.

Besides the organic serums, oils, and eye creams, new and innovative skincare tools can give your face the needed boost to produce more collagen and prevent those wrinkles. 

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