How to Brighten Up a Dark Room: A Complete Guide

by Mother Huddle Staff

If a room is a naturally dark space with little or no access to daylight, it can affect your mood and your health.

Spending too much time in darkness can impact your brain, slowing down certain regions of it. This makes it harder to retain information and even leads to depressive behavior. Meanwhile, exposure to brighter illumination can heighten your emotions and stimulate your brain’s activity.

This is important to keep in mind whether you’re revamping your current space or on the market for a new home.

Here are some useful and easy tips on how to brighten up a dark room.

Decorate with Mirrors and Glass

If you’re ready to make a move and are considering homes for sale, you’re probably looking for something light, airy, and welcoming.

Don’t be put off by spaces that initially come off as dark and dreary. There are easy ways to make a room bright and cheery, such as decorating with reflective mirrors and dazzling glass ornaments.

It’s all about placement, though. You can’t put these items just anywhere in the room and expect them to automatically brighten a cramped, dark space.

For the biggest impact, hang mirrors or set glass elements near a window or other light sources. Even if the natural light entering a room is minimal, these pieces will reflect them. This gives the illusion of additional windows and light sources and creates a comforting wash of light.

Learn How to Brighten Up a Dark Room with Colorful Accessories

If you want to make a dark room look lighter, consider adding colorful accessories to your space.

Throw down a vibrant area rug on the floor or hang vivid artwork on your walls. These and other eye-catching accessories can energize a room and make it appear brighter.

Use Daylight Spectrum Bulbs

Swap your regular light bulbs for daylight spectrum bulbs in windowless rooms, dark basements, or any space with not enough light.

These daylight bulbs emit a clean white or bluish glow to mimic natural light. The types of bulbs are known for helping to improve moods, inspiring productivity, and increasing energy levels.

Paint Your Walls

In low-light areas, paint the walls a lighter color to brighten up the space.

Choose colors like lavender, pale blue, or elegant gray to create a lighter look. Meanwhile, bright colors like orange, pink, lime green, and teal give your room a cheerful look. And yellow hues mimic natural light.

Buy Lighter Colored Furniture

Real wood furniture certainly boasts an appealing look. But it often comes in heavy, dark colors that can make a room seem dimmer than it is.

Consider purchasing furniture made of blonde wood, which lightens up a room. Or paint darker furniture fun colors for a more cheerful look.

Add More Light Sources

A quick and easy way to brighten up a room is to add new light sources.

Purchase some standing lamps to set around the room or install an effective overhead light. Alternative lighting sources, like string lights and candles, also add a decorative touch to your space.

Want More Home Tips?

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