How To Keep Your Pool Clean Enough For Your Kids?

by Jenna G
How To Keep Your Pool Clean Enough For Your Kids

Having your own pool is a luxury, as is being able to go for a morning swim literally every morning, or just do a few laps whenever you want. But, as many pool owners will tell you, they are also a pain to maintain and keep clean. Today, we are going to go over some ways you can keep your pool clean and fresh for yourself and also for anyone else you have in the house, like your children.

pH Value

This sounds far too scientific to have anything to do with a pool, but the pH value of your pool is very important, as it basically measures the level of acidity of the water. The lower the pH value, the better the disinfection of your swimming pool is, but at the same time, the pH value must also remain healthy for your skin. The optimal pH value is between 7.2 and 7.6. It is relatively easy to check it with the help of “test strips”. The colors on it indicate whether the values are correct or not. If it is too high, it means that algae formation and lime deposits can occur more easily, which you definitely do not want. To that end, removing tough algae stains can be quite hard and bothersome. However, there is help and aid available if you notice it growing in your swimming pool. You may certainly handle this issue on your own using certain tried-and-true methods, but hiring expert pool cleaning services may be the wiser course of action.

Cover When Not in Use

Always remember to cover the swimming pool when it is not in use. This is perhaps one of the most important things to always keep in mind. By sticking to this, you will prevent heaps of problems, such as dirt, leaves, and dead insects getting into the water. You will also protect the pool material itself by doing this, so if there is one thing you remember, it should be this. Always keep the pool well covered up if it isn’t currently being used. When it is time to fill up the pool, try and only use tap water. This is the safest option, as groundwater may contain minerals or other substances you do not want to get on your skin or inside your lungs and body. 

Measure the Chlorine Carefully

Chlorine tablets are often indispensable when it comes to keeping your swimming pool clear and clean. But it is important to use them with caution and read and follow the directions for use carefully, as too much chlorine can prove detrimental to your health. Always measure carefully; the normal value is usually between 1 and 2 ppm/liter. Too much chlorine will be counterproductive, as it will remain after having disinfected the pool, but will still be in the water, and may cause irritation to your eyes and mucous membranes, which can be especially harmful to children. So, just stay cautious and follow the guidelines.

Automatic Cleaning Is an Option

Automatic cleaning is a great option for keeping your pool pristine, but it hinges to a large extent on the size of your pool and how much you actually use it. For smaller pools, a pump is actually not necessary. You will find that you can often clean it more efficiently yourself. A swimming pool pump only becomes relevant when you have a swimming pool with a diameter of 183 cm or more. Choosing a pump might be challenging due to the two alternative filters—a sand or cartridge filter—that are available on the pump itself, each of which has a different technique of purification. So follow the guidelines carefully, and do not purchase anything before having consulted a professional.

Keep Your Pool Clean Enough For Your Kids

Skimming the Pool

Even with the cover, you should still skim the pool to remove organic materials like leaves, insects, etc. If they are left in the water without being removed, they break down, and the pool becomes cloudy and dirty. So make sure to regularly skim the pool and remove the larger debris. If you are surrounded by more trees or bushes or the like, you may have to skim more often.

Having a pool in your own backyard is awesome, but it also requires quite a bit of maintenance and upkeep to keep it clean, fresh, and safe for you and yours to enjoy without any fear of harm or detriments to your health. Just remember to keep it covered when not in use, and try to adhere to the tips given today. Of course, there is no one solution that applies to all situations; every home, backyard, and pool is unique. Do further study before making any decisions.

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