5 Money-Saving Tips for the Frugal Family

by Mother Huddle Staff

Finding ways to save money while raising a family is not an easy task. Taking care and growing a family is exciting, fun, but also expensive. However, you have to find little ways you can save cash when possible. You want to give your kids the world and show them all the fine things in life but being economical is equally beneficial. Your children or loved ones can take after your money-saving ideas in the future when they get to that age. It also helps them be more adaptable to different financial situations. Without knowing how to plan your finances and save each chance you get, it will be hard to actualise your family’s future.

Plan Menus before Food Shopping

Planning a menu a week or days in advance before you go grocery shopping will save you a lot of cash. You can avoid buying six pounds of cheese when your family only needs two pounds. Your shopping will be centred on the menu; that way, you only get what you need and enough for the set period. Having a plan also helps in adding structure to your family’s eating habits. Also, making meals at home will help you save cash by utilising leftovers. Remember to keep checking store weekly ads for offers and sales on food items.

Give Second-Hand a Real Shot

Children are constantly outgrowing shoes and clothes. Instead of buying new sets after every month, try second-hand items in the house. If the kids have older siblings who had shoes or clothes, they outgrew and are still in good shape, start using them. There are also yard sales where you can get utensils, furniture and other household items that are still durable. This is the best money-saving tip that most people are yet to embrace. There are online stores dedicated to selling second-hand things that are worth looking at.

Consider Frugal Fun

Entertainment and vacations are among the big budgets with most families. Try not to overthink it; family vacations don’t have to be extravagant to be memorable and fun. Kids especially require very little to be excited and entertained. Keep it fun but simple and on a budget; remove anything you feel your family can do without and still have a good time. It’s also wise to plan ahead for holidays to know what your family will be doing for fun the entire season. Keep birthdays simple, and engage the kids; sometimes, their wish list might be very small.

Save On Utility Bills

Utilities are a must for any home to run efficiently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to reduce the bills. You could buy energy-efficient bulbs if you were not using them already; if you keep up with weekly ads, you will find them on sale. Use appliances around the house wisely and replace old equipment. Upgrading might be what you have lacked to minimise electricity bills. Embrace the new devices; most of them conserve energy and are environmentally friendly. You can also compare energy plans from different providers and see which one is best for your budget without compromising the service quality you’ll be getting.

Talk To the Kids about Money

When you talk about saving and budgeting with your children, you make them more active in saving the family money. That way, everyone will be turning off the water heater after showering and switching off the lights when not in use. You don’t have to get into all the details about managing finances. Just give enough information to motivate them to help you in keeping the family finances in check. It’s also the best way to raise them because that information stays with them forever and might be handy in future.


Saving money as a family may not be a walk in the park, but it’s doable. Do not cut all the fun out of life; just ensure you are not overdoing anything. You also need to focus on food because, without a plan, you will spend a lot on snacks and takeout. Involve every family member in your saving plan to get support from everywhere.

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