🎃 10 Pumpkin Crafts for Kids🎃

by Elowen
Pumpkin Crafts for Kids

Here in the Southern Hemisphere a wonderful thing has begun… Autumn! Summer in Australia has always been and remains still, a bit much for me! So, when Autumn rolls around I am over the moon for a return to cooler weather. Though it is March, and our friends in the Northern Hemisphere are excited to once again be feeling the stirrings of Spring and Easter is on its way, I feel the need to celebrate our season with craft activities, and what says Autumn more than… PUMPKINS! 🎃

1. Felt Pumpkin Craft

Felt Pumpkin Craft


There’s something so delightful and cosy about working with felt! It’s very accessible even for those not used to sewing and it’s cheap as chips. What I really love about these little pumpkins is the cute but simple embroidery that makes them pop! I can’t wait to hang these everywhere!

2. Easy Pumpkin Treat Bags


Drawstring pouches are such a delight, aren’t they? I remember drawstring bags being one of the first thing I ever made, both in high school and after when I began getting crafty on my own! There’s always this slight feeling like it’s something from Medieval days. These pumpkin ones are SUPER cute and easily made by kids who would probably feel very spiffy to have their own pumpkin pouch!

3. Twine Pumpkins



These twine pumpkins are deceptively simple and yet add such lovely rustic and Autumnal vibes! I’m looking forward to seeing if the cinnamon quills permeate delicious cinnamon smells around the room!

4. Felt Pumpkin Faces



My 9-year-old daughter was instantly drawn to these and in spite of still being very new to sewing, was very keen to give them a go! They’re very cute and a nice activity to do together and very open to lots and lots of customisation!

5. Paint Swatch Pumpkin Craft

Paint Swatch Pumpkin Craft


Do you ever stand in front of all the paint swatches in the hardware store and just want to PLAY?! There’s a Bluey episode where they play with paint swatches, and I just want to get in on the action! I’m way more of a craft play than imaginative play kind of gal, so these sorts of crafts where you get to use a bunch of pain swatches just make me happy!

6. Positive and Negative Space Jack-O-Lantern Craft

Positive and Negative Space Jack-O-Lantern Craft


Oh, I do love craft activities that provide us with teaching moments! This is a great activity for introducing our little artists to the concept of negative space and how we can tell a story with it as much as we can with positive space!

7. Pumpkin Paper Weaving Activity

Pumpkin Paper Weaving Activity


There’s something so Zen about weaving activities. It’s simple, yet requires concentration, and this activity in particular is so good for helping little hands improve on their fine motor skills.

8. Pumpkin Fizzy Art

Pumpkin Fizzy Art for Kids


First off, I’m a sucker for anything with cock-eyed googly eyes, they’re hilarious. Secondly, another teaching moment here! What an awesome idea to paint bi-carb soda paste onto paper, and then mix an acid (vinegar, citric acid, lemon juice, etc) with water and food dye and paint it onto the bi-carb paste! Not only do you get awesome fizzy chemical reactions, but beautiful watercolour effects afterwards!

9. Button Pumpkins

Button Pumpkins


In many places online you can get huge mix lots of plastic buttons, which are so handy for heaps of lovely button related craft activities. The instant my daughter saw these button pumpkins she exclaimed ‘Ooh, pretty!’ and she’s right. I like that this activity is very accessible to a wide range of ages, and results in wall hanging worthy art!

10. Origami Pumpkins

Origami Pumpkins


I do love a bit of origami. What I love about it, with regards to children’s activities, is that it is such a wonderful example of procedural thinking. I also love that it requires our little crafters to slow down, do things carefully, and with precision.

There you have it, ten craft activities with seasonal flair! I am really looking forward to delving into these with my daughter over the coming Autumnal months!

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