4 Home Additions and Renovations That Could Help You Easily Customize Your House

by Mother Huddle Staff
Customizing Your Home

Is your home in serious need of an upgrade? If you’re hoping to transform the look and feel of your house but don’t want to move to a different home, you may want to consider doing an addition or a few interior renovations. Additions allow you to customize and expand your home without all the hassle of moving or building an entirely new home from scratch, while renovations can help you make the most of the space you currently have to achieve the look you want. Here are four unique ideas that could easily help you give your house the facelift it needs.

1. A Spacious and Multi-Functional Garage

One of the top home customizations that not only expands your home and adds character but that provides a highly practical function as well is adding on a large garage. With a spacious multi-functional garage, you can clear clutter out of your house, protect your vehicles in bad weather and much more. You may want to consider getting a garage added to your home if you’re interested in:

  • Parking multiple cars
  • Stowing excess food products in additional fridges
  • Storing extra possessions on built-in shelves
  • Entertaining friends with a pool table or darts board
  • Adding square footage to your home
  • Increasing your home’s total value

2. A Wrap-Around Porch or a Deck in the Backyard

For a truly charming touch of old-fashioned home character, you can’t go wrong with adding on a wrap-around porch or a backyard deck. Either of these two options allows you to enjoy the weather while sitting on a rocking chair or lounging on an outdoor sofa, and both options provide the perfect entertainment venue to boot. And the best part is that such a project can easily be completed by someone with a basic DIY renovation knowledge and a few essential tools like a saw, drill and drill bits, an angle grinder and a few quality diamond grinding wheels.  Porches or decks could be the right addition for your home if you’re a fan of:

  • Entertaining and hosting parties
  • Grilling and cooking
  • Installing a hot tub or mini-pool
  • Keeping rain and heat away from windows
  • Establishing a pleasant, private space to enjoy the great outdoors
  • Adding charm and character to your home

3. An In-Home Bar, Gym or Theater

If you enjoy the finer things in life but don’t want to leave your home to relax and have a good time, there are a few luxury options you could incorporate into your next home addition or renovation project. For example, if you’re a workout buff, a home gym is sure to get lots of use. If you enjoy kicking back with a drink after work, an in-home bar could be the perfect choice. If you simply love to wind down with a nice movie on Friday nights, having a home theater could turn your house into your dream home.

4. A Sunroom or Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

One of the hottest home customization trends lately is the sunroom, which provides a pleasant indoor-outdoor living space that you can make use of all year round. If you decide to add a sunroom to your home, make sure to decorate and furnish it with:

  • Rocking chairs
  • Swings
  • Plants
  • Scented candles
  • Sturdy outdoor coffee tables
  • Sunlights

When it comes to customizing your home, you don’t need to start from scratch. Simply doing an addition or a few interior renovations could help you quickly and easily achieve the transformed look you desire.

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