The Role of Social Media in Shaping Urban Fashion Trends

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Role of Social Media in Shaping Urban Fashion Trends

Many of us might not be able to clearly remember a world without social media. From early platforms like Facebook and X (formerly Twitter), to more recent newcomers like TikTok exploding in popularity — and the Instagram blue tick still being covetable — social media has certainly changed the world. And alongside that, our daily lives. And these days, it’s not just about keeping connected with friends or sharing photos of our meals. Social media is having an impact on everything, from the ways we work, to what we buy. And this includes the clothes that we wear. 

In this article, we explore how social media is shaping fashion trends, particularly in urban environments like cities. Read on to find out more. 

Influencer Culture

Social media has made it easy for individuals to create their own personal brands, with some influencers having follower counts in the millions. These people have the power to affect trends simply by having their own communities who aspire to their lifestyle and fashion. When influencers start out, it can be quite hard for them to make an impression as the market is flooded with similar people. However, trying unique forms of engagement can help them to reach their intended audience. With the addition of looking to buy TikTok followers as well, they can get stuck into the culture and become the brand they want to be throughout the online fashion world.

Many influencers get paid by brands to wear their designs as part of marketing strategies as well. And some of the top ones have hit the runway as models themselves!

Visual Inspiration

Platforms like Instagram and Tumblr can become the personal mood boards of their users and have served as look books for fashion lovers. Being able to see global trends, from street looks to the world’s top design ateliers, gives social media users the power to be inspired and curate looks like never before.

It’s a fantastic way to discover new styles and pull together outfits that you might not otherwise have worn. Things like ripped jeans, bubble jackets and more!

Growing online communities

Online communities grow organically on social media and are having an impact on fashion. People from diverse backgrounds can connect with one another and have, over the years, influenced fashion trends for the better. This also helps educate people on fashion and the deeper meanings fashion has to different cultures. 

From more inclusive sizing to accessible wear, these online communities are creating changes in the fashion world by starting (and continuing) the conversations around important topics. These specific topics have also helped people start their own online businesses that they would never have had the chance to start without being present and seen on social media. It opens up new avenues for revenue and larger mainstream brands have begun to catch onto these topics to include more people. 

Smart brand campaigns

The popularity of social media has been used to the advantage of marketeers and fashion brands, who now have a myriad of new channels to reach their target audiences. This has led to social-first marketing campaigns, which consider different platform features and the latest content to find new ways to get their message across (and sell products). From jumping onto TikTok trends, to utilizing the latest hashtags and reactive content, there are an infinitive number of ways that social platforms can be used to sell products. 

There are now creative agencies built entirely around strategy and content for social media, with fashion brands finding new ways to connect with their audiences every day. 

New ways to shop

Speaking of selling products, social media brings store fronts online in a way like never before. The rise of e-commerce had gone hand in hand with the growth of social media users, with the ability to make purchases through their platforms. Or sending viewers to website pages for singular items of clothing via direct links. Buyers can follow the latest trends and purchase the most ‘in-the-moment’ popular items worn by their favourite influencers and celebrities. While social media has also opened up once exclusive fashion weeks and runway shows so that users never have to leave the comfort of home to buy the hottest new design wear.

It’s likely that as new platforms begin to become popular, brands will find new (and easier) ways to turn an audience into buyers. 

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