10 Snowflake Craft Activities For Kids

by Elowen
Snowflake Craft Activities For Kids

I just LOVE snow! It’s so breathtakingly beautiful, I always think it looks just absolutely magical! I also love snowy holiday season.! The thought of sharing those special times with my family whilst it gently snows outside is so wonderful. The holidays area nearly upon us, however, here in Australia the first of December doesn’t just mean Christmas carols playing in every shop you walk into, it also means the dreaded return of Summer. Yes, I’m Australian, and that means I’ve seen snow in person about four times… and NEVER during Christmas! I’m certainly not going to let that stop me from decorating my house like a Winter Wonderland, though. So, here’s a collection of snowflake crafts for the whole family that will bring a little snowy magic to your home!

  1. Paper Snowflakes

Of course, we’re starting with good old paper snowflakes! They’re infinitely customizable and I picked this tutorial because I love that the snowflakes are shown in both their folded and opened form, which really helps to know how to get the look you want. Not that you have to plan them out, part of the fun with these things is just having at it and seeing what happens.

  1. Elsa Magic Wands

I know my little girl is going to love making these wands! As a Harry Potter-loving family, we often play at hurling spells at one another and more wands in the mix can only boost the fun!

  1. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Ornaments

These are so cute! What a great use for pipe cleaners. My daughter loves to use pipe cleaners in her crafts, and we always have tons of beads, so I think our tree is going to get some new decorations this year!

  1. Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Oh aren’t these just so pretty?! Simple and yet very effective. If you didn’t have coffee filters to hand you could also use paper placemats, paper doilies, cotton fabric, or maybe even felt?

  1. Colour Changing Snowflake Clings

I cannot wait to try these! They look so pretty and I love things that change colour, or better yet, glow in the dark!!! As these are really just made with glue, you could use any glue, and we happen to have glittery glow in the dark glue, so perfect for snowflake clings!

  1. Watercolour and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflakes

Similar to the coffee filter snowflakes, these are really pretty with their soft watercolour effects. This is one of those super simple but very fun activities that your little ones will want to repeat over and over, and you’ll find yourself unable to resist!

  1. Recycled Cardboard and Yarn Snowflakes

I don’t know if I’m too crafty for my own good, or if everyone else feels this way, but every time I’m about to break a cereal box down for the recycling bin I feel this little pull, like, this is a lot of cardboard, I bet we could do something crafty with this… Well, here’s one of those things! With yarn scraps, too!

  1. Festive Winter Window

I don’t know if it’s the orientation of the windows in my house, but they only have two modes. Basically, no light, or glare. Unrelenting, punishing, glare. So I’m always drawn to these sorts of activities because they look so beautiful with light coming through them on the window, and mean I can have the curtains open without needing sunglasses!

  1. 3D Paper Snowflakes

These look so intricate and amazing, but are still an accessible craft for children! I think these look fabulous and I cannot wait to make A LOT of these and hang them from my ceiling! Winter wonderland here we come!

  1. Paper Bag Snowflakes

Okay so these are maybe only for older kids (and you!) but don’t they look AMAZING! They’re so beautiful and can be hung anywhere because of how 3D they are! I’ve already found some thin white paper bags on Amazon and cannot wait to make HEAPS of these!

I hope you have as much fun making drifts of snowflakes for your house as we’re going to have making them here! Happy crafting and feel free to send some of your Winter down our way!

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