The Best Infant Support Pillows

by Mother Huddle Staff
The Best Infant Support Pillows

You probably already know that you can’t put a pillow in the crib with your infant while he’s sleeping. However, did you know about the world of infant support pillows available to make your life easier and his more comfortable when he’s up and about? Read on for three of the coolest support pillows for you and your little guy.

Flat Head Support Pillows

Whether your baby showed up a little squished up from his position for the last few weeks before birth or he’s developed a flat spot because of his favorite reclining position in the swing, a flat head support pillow may be part of the solution. These types of baby pillows are relatively flat but have a small hollow space where his head fits. This helps the flat part expand back into its natural rounded shape.

While flat head syndrome doesn’t cause lasting cognitive damage, the associated neck pain and lack of movement caused by it can delay developmental milestones. Remember to only use a flat head support pillow in situations where you are constantly supervising your child like in a car seat or rocker. Babies can also regain natural head shape by plenty of tummy time so check out the next support pillow too.

Nursing Pillows

You may hear these pillows referred to by the brand name “Boppy” but there are plenty of other brands of the u-shaped pillow which allow you to easily position your little one for easy breastfeeding. The pillow allows you to place your baby at the right level to breastfeed without having to continuously hold his weight. Even for bottle feeding the pillow allows you to prop your baby at the right angle.

Get creative with this pillow using it for tummy time. You can prop your baby up from the inside of the “U” so that falling to either side isn’t a big deal and he can really get a feel for developing his upper body strength and neck muscles. You can even use it as a lounge chair, propping him as he learns to sit up on his own. If you have it early enough it can even be used as a pregnancy support pillow for you!

Lounging Pillows 

If you don’t want to use your nursing pillow, which may get a little grungy, for lounging as well, that’s okay. There are baby pillows made just for lounging. Usually, these are a full square or round shape with a divot in the middle. Imagine a firm bean bag made just for a baby. These loungers can be cozier and more secure than using an open-ended pillow for support. Remember though, like any pillow for babies, these aren’t a place to let your baby nap. 

Pediatricians emphasize that you should never allow your baby to sleep with a pillow. Keep all pillows out of the crib or any napping areas. When you do invest in a support pillow look for one that is firm, easy to clean and gives both you and your baby the support you need. 


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