3 Unique Uses for Grills

by Mother Huddle Staff
3 Unique Uses for Grills

Everyone always says something is “as American as baseball and apple pie.” If those two are the first and second things that come to mind when talking about Americans, grills are probably a close third.

It is a part of who we are. We share recipes with each other. We gather around and take big whiffs of the beautiful aroma that arises from the cooking meat. We have cookouts to share with each other and connect. Click here for more information about this popular American pastime. But if you are only cooking burgers and hot dogs, you are missing out. There is a whole world of food that tastes amazing cooked over direct heat.

In this article, we are going to look at three things you may not have considered cooking on your grill. Just promise you are going to invite us to the cookout, all right?

Grilled Veggies

Maybe at your house, you are already an expert at cooking kabobs. Kabobs are the special name for food skewered on a stick and then cooked over direct heat. Many people cook meat this way, and some add vegetables like peppers, corn, zucchini, or tomatoes.

Click the link: https://freshstartforhealth.org/recipe-roll/tag/benefits+of+grilled+vegetables for more information about the health benefits of grilled vegetables.

There is another method you may not have tried. If you are entertaining and know you have vegetarians coming, never fear! This is guaranteed to please even the pickiest eater. To utilize this technique, you will not need any special tools. All you will need is some tinfoil.

What you want to do is select some vegetables. Go ahead, choose your favorites. You may want to use up some of your garden-fresh veggies and herbs. Tomatoes, spinach, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, and chilies all work great. Consider adding fresh dill or parsley. Once you have made your selections, chop your veggies into pieces as small as you would like.

Next, you will want to cut some tin foil. If you are making a large batch of this veggie dish, you might want to consider separating it into a few different packets.

Carefully fold up the sides of your tinfoil, making a little tray. Put your veggies in the center and then drizzle oil over the top. It can be whatever you have on hand – olive, canola, or even peanut will all work. Then fold your tray up into a ball.

Throw it onto the grill and let it cook for about an hour. When you open your foil back up, you will find your vegetables soft, tender, and juicy. Yum!


Sure, you have enjoyed pizza before, but are you ready to take it to a whole new level? Whether you choose to make your own pie from scratch or simply open up your favorite frozen brand, you will love the taste that results. Why not go for a hybrid method to really impress your guests? All you will need is a premade crust, some pizza sauce, and whatever toppings you like. Green onions and mushrooms make a unique and tasty combination.

Start up your grill and let it heat up. Then place the bare crust onto the surface of the grill. You will want to let it cook for about ten minutes before pulling it back off. Next, you will add the sauce, and the toppings, and top it all off with whatever cheese you choose.

Carefully place the pizza back onto the hot surface and let it cook until the cheese is melted. Check to make sure the crust is browned on the bottom before taking it off.

Now it is ready to serve!

Whole Veggies

Nothing could be simpler than adding a tasty vegetable to your meal.

Russet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and ears of corn are all popular and very easy to prepare.

Wash either kind of potato thoroughly or then pierce the skin with a fork several times. If you are cooking an ear of corn, all you need to do is shuck it. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means to pull the green tassels away from the yellow or white kernels.

Set the veggies onto your grill. If you are cooking corn, you will want to attend to it. It will require a few turns so you can get a nice, even browning. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are easier; they can just spend time together while you cook your meat or even finish getting dressed for your party.

When all is said and done, you will have a simple, tasty treat to share with your friends and neighbors.

Get the Gear

All these recipes are simple and quick. For them to taste best, you will need to cook rthem on a high-quality grill. We recommend a Watson’s natural gas grill for a few reasons. The first is because they are simple to set up. Even a novice can be up and running in just a few minutes. There are also fewer emissions than other grills, making your cookout eco-friendly!


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