7 Ways to Add Value To Your Home

by Mother Huddle Staff
7 Ways to Add Value To Your Home

Your primary concern for your property will be to ensure that it’s comfortable, relaxing, and a space to create happy memories as a family. However, that’s not the only area you should focus on. There’s also the matter of the valuation of the property. You’ll have spent a significant sum of money getting your hands on the keys to your home, so it’s important to ensure that the valuation moves in the right direction. You’ll be much happier if you know that your property value is increasing at a rate that exceeds the regional average.

Of course, this won’t happen on its own. You’ll need to make it the case. There are a number of actions homeowners can take that’ll push the value in the right direction. Some of these steps will involve a large financial outlay, while others are easy DIY tasks you can do in as little as a weekend. In any case, they’ll all help push your home’s value in the right direction. 

Ways to Add Value To Your Home

Revamp Your Kitchen

Improving your kitchen won’t only enhance your enjoyment of your property; it’ll also help to increase the value. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and it’s one of the first things that potential homebuyers look for. Studies have shown that it can add as much as 25% to the value of a home. The caveat is that the work must be carried out to a high standard, so it’s important to work with a kitchen designer to find a design that fits your existing home decor. 

Create More Space

The more space there is in a property, the higher the valuation. It can be worthwhile looking at your existing home to see where you can add some new space — there’s nearly always a way. For example, could you add some storage space under your stairs? It might not sound like a lot, but it’s those kinds of details that potential homeowners look for. 

You’ll get a bigger return on your investment if you add additional living space. For example, a loft conversion or building an extension. Both of these jobs do require a big financial commitment, but it’ll come back to you — provided they’ve been done to a high standard — in the shape of increased home value. Plus, this is one of those investments that offer instant returns; you’ll get to enjoy the new living spaces yourself, meaning the investment stretches far beyond the added value. 

High Energy Efficiency

Potential homebuyers are increasingly focusing on the energy credentials of a property, for two reasons. The first is that, in an era of rising costs, they want to know that the property does not waste energy. Second, more and more people are concerned with their environmental impact and look to properties that use energy efficiently. Installing a new boiler can increase the energy efficiency of your property, as can taking steps to enhance the property’s overall insulation. You can take things even further by adding solar panels, which require a bigger investment but can essentially eliminate energy bills — and that’s highly attractive to potential buyers. 

Spruce Up the Space

Not all home valuation enhancement tasks require significant sums of money or time. Sometimes, the little things can have an impact too, depending on the current state of the property. Redecorating the property to bring the space in line with modern standards can make the house more appealing to homebuyers. 

There’s also a host of smaller DIY improvements homeowners can do when they’re preparing to sell their properties. For example, even things as simple as upgrading door handles or adding a fresh lick of paint doors can help to make the entire home more appealing. 

Think About the Front

It’s easy to overlook the front of a property. After all, you probably spend next to no time looking at it — you’ll be out of your car and through your front door with barely a glance. However, from a valuation perspective, curb appeal can have a huge impact. After all, think of it from the perspective of potential buyers. Everyone who views a property stands outside and makes an instant judgment about the house. If they like what they see, then they’ll be much more likely to put in a good offer to buy the property. On the other hand, an unimpressive front of house will be more likely to put people off. 

There are a number of effective ways to enhance the front of a property. For instance, investing in the landscaping of the front, power washing the driveway, and upgrading the front door can all make a big difference. 

Lighting Enhancements

Anything that enhances the overall look and feel of the property can help to nudge the value in the right direction. It’s easy to see how an inviting, warm, and cozy space would be valued higher than one that is dark, cramped, and generally uninspiring. 

One easy way to elevate the atmosphere of the home is to improve the lighting. There are two ways to do this — one is to increase the amount of natural light that can enter your home, and the other is to use artificial lighting to set the tone. In the process, you’ll make your property more appealing to buyers. 

Create an Enviable Yard

Finally, focus on your yard. As with the front, this can often be overlooked, but it’s worthwhile taking the time to get your yard in tip-top condition. Not only will it improve the valuation of your property, but it’ll also significantly enhance your quality of life while at home. So what should you be looking at? Installing decking, adding outdoor furniture, and investing in landscaping will all get you started on the right foot. From there, you can consider adding a fire pit and a sheltered covering. 


Your home’s value will likely increase with inflation. But the smart homeowner knows that it can pay to go above and beyond to enhance the valuation. Take the tips above, and you’ll notice the impact. 

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