What to know about childcare providers

by Mother Huddle Staff
What to know about childcare providers

Sharing your childcare responsibility with someone else, however necessary, will always be one of the most challenging and overwhelming decisions you’ll ever have to make as a parent. For most parents, the biggest worry is never how well their kids will take to the transition (because we all know how flexible and adaptable those little angels are), but whether or not the candidate they’re looking at is up to the task. Quite frankly, the anxiety is justifiable. Remember, this is a stranger we’re talking about entrusting your child with; how do you tell if their parenting philosophies align with yours? Or if they’ll prioritize your kid’s safety and security like you would. The truth is, there’s no telling at first glance. Still, we maintain that everyone needs a crutch to lean on now and again, even the most competent parents.

All you need to know about childcare providers

Modern-day parenthood is taxing. Beyond the strollers and pacifiers, most parents still have to tend to their demanding careers, competitive businesses, and bustling households daily. With that much responsibility on one’s plate, maintaining a healthy childcare system while keeping up with your commitments can prove impossible. That said, outsourcing a secondary childcare provider to fill in your shoes when you can’t is necessary. But first, you must find the right fit; this is where it all begins.

Types of childcare providers

Understanding the types of childcare providers available in the market is the first step since each grouping of childcare provision is known to offer a unique set and nature of services. It’s always best to get this out of the way first because when you’re fully aware of what it is you’re in the market for, you’re more likely to make an informed decision appropriate for your child and interests. Keep in mind that secondary childcare services can also be full-time or part-time, so you’ll want to factor this in to help narrow your search to a specific group of childcare providers in your local area. For instance, if you’re looking to hire a live-in or live-out child care assistant to care for your children in an unsupervised home setting, looking up nanny och barnvakt is a good start.

Cost of hiring a secondary caregiver

Data records 35% of low-income families’ earnings as the average expense of hiring a childcare provider. It is, therefore, safe to say that however effective and convenient the service is, it’s not cheap; nevertheless, this shouldn’t discourage you from utilizing professional child care assistance. Moreso, now that the service is no longer deemed a luxury but a necessity to the modern-day parent, the industry, in collaboration with the federal government, has taken measures to subsidize the cost of employing a childcare provider. With special state-run programs, military assistance discounts, tax credits, and employer-based programs, one can find a suitable secondary child care personnel in their area for as little as $10 a day; all you have to do is put in the legwork.

Note: The cost of childcare provision often reflects the quality of service you’re signing up for; anything below the market margin should be a red flag.

Screening the institution

A lot goes into picking out a secondary childcare provider than fancy infrastructure. You’d be surprised to learn that most renowned and reputable child care professionals have built recognition not by provisions and facilities but by their credentials and experience. With that, make it a priority to carry out background checks on the individuals you’re looking to hire. Size up their credentials and accreditations, check to see if the state licenses them and whether or not their staff is professionally trained to handle medical and safety emergencies. You’ll also want to cross-check their adherence to state regulations and guidelines, you could even lookup any cell phone number the candidate has provided to check if they have a clean criminal record. All of these details will help put your mind at ease with the assurance that your little one is in adept hands.

Facilities and features

Facilities may not equate to qualification, although they still do count. For this category, you might want to consider visiting the childcare provider. If possible, make it unannounced for a first-hand unretouched perspective. Analyze the environment you’re looking to put your child in. Is it sanitary? Is it safe? How many washrooms do the kids have, and are they well tended to? If it’s a daycare institution, check out their playground and playrooms and assess whether they’re childproofed. Alternatively, when working with a parent-helper, ask to see their play and nap area. Go through every single detail of the secondary child care institution and raise any concerns you may have before committing to anything.

Guidelines and curriculum

Just as you have your expectations for the childcare provider, so do they; this is a detail most parents often overlook. Childcare services, like any other enterprise, have their code, policies, and guidelines that they expect clients to adhere to which may include payment dates, uniforms, meal arrangements, check-in and check-out time, and age requirements. It’s best to note these details and establish that they align with your needs and situation. In addition to the paperwork, you’ll want to check the provider’s children’s curriculum; assess whether it’s age-appropriate and engaging. Do the children get enough play hours, or is their curriculum filled to the brim with classroom activities? Now is the chance to lay all your cards on the table and raise any concerns you may have.

Bottom line

While some stand to oppose or even shame the use of secondary caregivers, there’s no denying that it is necessary for both parents and children. Research in fact states that children introduced to childcare systems portray highly developed personal and social skills. For younger kids, this is where they harness their independence and interpersonal skills before they set off to school. Then again, parents or households that utilize childcare providers are scientifically proven to lead healthier lifestyles. Ultimately, secondary childcare provision isn’t a lop-sided route but a well-rounded system in modern-day parenthood. Take it from us; there’s no shame in sharing the parental care weight with a professional; if anything, it is highly recommended.

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