Why Exercise is a Vital Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

by Mother Huddle Staff
Why Exercise is a Vital Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

It’s not a secret that exercise is good for you. It will help you to feel happier, lose weight, keep your organs and tissue functional, and reduce your risk of a whole range of maladies – from heart disease to depression to cancer.

Why is movement important for your body?

Most of the benefits of exercise come about because of its opposition to our modern, sedentary lifestyles. If you’re stuck hunched in front of a computer all day, then you’re in an unnatural position that inflicts a whole range of unwanted side effects.

Making a point of regularly exercising will help to undo, and reverse this damage.

How often should you be doing it?

For adults between nineteen and sixty-four, the NHS recommends around 150 minutes of ‘moderate intensity’ activity, or around 75 minutes of ‘vigorous’ activity a week. Note that this is a minimum – if you want to do much more than this, then you’ll feel the benefits even more.

‘Moderate intensity’ exercise includes things like cycling, walking, and even mowing the lawn. ‘Vigorous intensity’ exercise means going for a run, doing aerobics, or playing competitive sport. If you want a good idea of what counts, then you might wear a heart-rate monitor and track your exertion.

It’s better to be consistent, and do a little bit of exercise every day than it is to try to cram lots of activity into a short time.

What kinds of exercise are best?

Unless you have a particular goal in mind, you’ll want to take on board a range of different exercises, so that you get a nice balance of benefits. It’s recommended that we do ‘strengthening’ activities at least twice a week, to keep all of the body’s muscle groups in good shape. This might mean stretching and yoga, or weight training.

The best form of exercise, naturally, is the one that you’re able to stick with over the long term. A physical activity that’s naturally integrated into your daily routine is a great way to keep at it regularly. This can be cycling to work every day or having mountain biking excursions with friends on weekends. Consider looking for the best electric mountain bike for you. This is a great investment for both your health and everyday use. Pick something that you enjoy, and that you’re likely to still be doing week-in, week-out, for the rest of your life. If you try to persevere with drudgery, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

How to manage risk while exercising

If you’re exercising in public, then there’s a risk that you’ll encounter hazards and slip and fall. This is where a competent injury lawyer can come in handy.

Exercising the wrong way can put you at risk of an injury, even if the environment is clear of hazards. There are several ways you might reduce this risk. Strength training will ensure that all your muscles are strong and limber enough that they’re not going to be damaged by prolonged sitting and sudden movements. Yoga and bodyweight training can help, here, as can warming up thoroughly before any exercise session.

This is also a good reason to indulge in a range of activities, and thereby expose your body to a balanced range of stressors. If you do nothing but jog, then you’re more likely to suffer problems.

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