Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

by Mother Huddle Staff
Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important

As a homeowner, it’s up to you to keep the systems in your home in good working order. One of the most important tasks when it comes to home maintenance is servicing your furnace at least once a year. During the cold winter months, your furnace is forced to work overtime to keep your family warm and comfortable. Having it checked once a year will keep it in good working order and ensure it works the best it’s supposed to when you need it most.

What Is Involved in a Maintenance Visit?

During a scheduled maintenance visit, a service professional will clean the unit thoroughly, check for worn parts, and make any necessary repairs. The filters will also be replaced. Some filters are reusable. If that’s the case, the filters will be cleaned and put back in place. The service professional will go through the entire system and make sure that everything is calibrated correctly. The thermostat and other components will also be checked.

Saves Energy

Having your furnace inspected every year will save energy and reduce your home’s utility bills. Old, worn parts can cause your furnace to use more energy to keep up. Fine-tuning your system and making sure the thermostat is working correctly will reduce energy waste and keep your fuel bills under control.

Prevents Breakdowns

When your service professional performs your furnace’s annual maintenance check, they will look for worn or damaged parts. Over time, gradual wear and tear will begin to show on the constantly moving parts. Replacing these worn-out parts as soon as they are noticed can prevent unexpected breakdowns. The service professional will also look for parts that may not work as they should. They will be replaced with new ones, and the entire unit will be checked for areas of dirt and debris.

Increases Its Lifespan

Regular maintenance is meant to keep your furnace in good working order. Keeping the parts in good condition and cleaning the system regularly can increase your furnace’s lifespan by several years. When your furnace is kept clean and its parts in good condition, it runs more efficiently, and less stress is placed on the entire system. With this system running as it should, the parts have less wear and tear. Most furnaces can last twenty years or longer. A well-maintained furnace can last twenty-five to thirty years.

Improves Performance

As your furnace gets older, it may be harder for it to keep your home warm and comfortable. Annual maintenance checks will keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible. Not only will it keep your unit from breaking down unexpectedly, it will also improve how it functions. It will be able to maintain the temperature in your home using less energy and without struggling. How your furnace performs will depend on how well you maintain and care for it.

Supports the Warranty

Regular furnace maintenance also supports the warranty. If you want the warranty to remain in good standing, it’s important to follow the instructions for how to care for your furnace. Keeping it clean and changing the filters every month is just as important as having your furnace inspected at least once a year. The warranty is the manufacturer’s guarantee that their product will provide reliable service for as long as it’s properly taken care of.

Regular furnace maintenance can save you money over the life of your unit. The service professionals at Apollo Home can perform an annual inspection and clean your entire HVAC system to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible all year. Taking care of your furnace will guarantee that your family will be warm even on the coldest winter days.

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