10 Clever Remodeling Tips to Better Your Small Bathroom

by Mother Huddle Staff

Your tiny bathroom is essential. The average person uses it nearly 2500 times per year. We even spend as long as 30 minutes a visit.

Even if your home has a small bathroom, you will do what you can to make it work. After all, we have to make the most of the space we have and make it more homely.

It’s surprising how “spacious” your restroom could be if you organize it the right way. If you’re struggling to move around to use the toilet or take a shower, doing a small bathroom remodel is in order. 

End the old days where your feet are always wet because your sink or tub is not the proper size.

End the annoying moments when you’re always missing the trashcan. You do this to avoid touching the toilet only to have a hard time collecting what fell because space is tight.

Even those tiring moments you always drop your hygiene products because there never seems to be enough space. Here are ways to maximize space in your bathroom.

1. Forget Shower Doors 

Puddles and wet feet equal disaster. It is more effective to use long, magnetic curtains to prevent water from escaping. Using a glass panel instead offers the same benefit and provides more wiggle room.

2. Wall-Mounted Faucets are Everything 

Another way to get free up more space is to mount your sink on the wall. Bonus: it looks fancy and you can get away with a more narrow vanity.

3. Rounded Vanities

Conserve more space by choosing a rounded vanity instead of a square one. Your hips will thank you because there are no sharp corners to hit into.

4. Floating Vanities 

Not only do floating vanities look futuristic, but it also allows more room to things. For product junkies, this is a divine calling.

5. Vanities with Shelves 

Similar to a floating vanity that provides more space, a shelf offers the same added benefit. Plus, your products are hidden.

6. Install Hooks

Need space for towels or to airdry clothing? Hooks near the wall and out of your way for your already tiny bathroom is great. You can even add more shelves to put more things that don’t fit elsewhere. If you need a medicine cabinet or another mirror, you can have it added in minutes.

7. Trick the Eyes and Add Dimension 

The right lighting and landscape can make a small room seem bigger than it is by adding dimension. Adding a painting or placing the titles of the same design in a blocked pattern in the entire bathroom can do this. Large-scale pattern wallpapers are another cool option.

8. Door Placement

The worst design is when a door that swings in, not out. It’s an extreme waste space, especially if it is in front of your toilet. It should open towards a wall. Alternatively, you can use pocket doors.

9. Keep Your Tub and Shower Along the Furthest Wall 

Pushing your shower to the end of the rooms maximizes wall and space usage. For ideas on how to use this extra space, there is always this bathroom remodeling guide.

10. Select New Blinds and Curtain 

Select light colors for your bathroom blinds and curtains to give the optical illusion that the room is larger.  Light colors reflect more light which will make a space feel more open and airy.

Extra Tip:  Install a Self-Contained Upflush Toilet
Installing a self-contained upflush toilet is another great remodeling tip to improve a small bathroom. This type of toilet is also known as a macerating toilet or a “pump-up” toilet. It’s designed to work in areas where a conventional gravity-based sewer system is not available.
The toilet’s tank has a built-in macerating pump that grinds up waste and pumps it out through a small-diameter pipe to a nearby sewer or septic line. The toilet is space-efficient because of its design. The Saniflo Sanicompact toilets have modern designs that easily fit every home.

You Can DIY or Get Help

Who says a small bathroom remodel will cost a lot? It does not cost as much as many think, especially if you decide to do some of it on your own.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our “Make It Monday” category next!

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